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Elbaaf (Design Map by Go long)
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Rating: 10.00 in 1 rating
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Jackie Milton (09/11/2017 08:58am):
Very pretty, but way to chokey in the center.

(The "V" stands for "Very pretty, but way too choky in the center")
Xmo5 (09/11/2017 11:18am):
Congrats on your first map!

In addition to what Jackie said, the map is also a bit base-heavy. Since AWBW metagame
revolves around building infantry on every base every turn, this will lead to infantry
spam and will exacerbate the chokepoint issues Jackie mentioned. I also highly recommend
starting with symmetry, as balanced asymmetrical maps are essentially the Holy Grail of
map design, remaining elusive even to the most talented and dedicated (so far).

If you haven't already, I think it's worth reading through a couple of posts on the forum
that help explain a couple of the principles and concepts of AWBW map design. When I was a
wee lad, I was pointed in the direction of the predecessors to these guides and they
helped me a lot along the way, so hopefully these can do the same for you:



Of course, if you ever have any questions or want to discuss anything (especially related
to map design), I'm always happy to oblige. Also feel free to join our Discord server (the
link is on the left, under the "Community" heading), where we have a whole channel
dedicated to design maps :)

Happy mapping!
Go long (09/21/2017 11:41pm):
Working on the design a bit more. I have yet to actually play a full game myself and check out the advantages, I wanted this game to help motivate making a strong line of defense using both rivers and mountains as guides then offering massive rewards ( cities) for those who can put enough umph into putting forces through a double row of mountains. the center mass needs some work but its also supposed to be e choke hold for those who want to gain the upper hand with 6 cities to offer to the victor.
Knowing I might have to move a few mountains and add another bridge, and take out maybe two more bases to put a higher value on units already made. on a map like this Sensei would dominate due to sheer number of cities available so he'd have to be banned. I abhor building maps that are not visually pleasing and while symmetry in life is wonderful in AW map building it can get dull and drab. Asymmetrical is hard to achieve with balance but I feel I can get close with the premise and still make it a new and inviting map for ground based battles. Please leave me more feedback as I read everything with consideration!

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