Advance Wars By Web [2.1r]

2v2 Simple (Design Map by AtlasB015)
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Xmo5 (09/11/2017 11:26am):
Congrats on your first map!

As a bonus for completing this task, I'll direct you to a couple of introductory posts on
the forum that help explain some of the principles and concepts of AWBW map design and
balance. The predecessors to these guides helped me a lot back in the day and hopefully
these can do the same for you:

If you read through all that and still want more, I can bore you with some map-specific
feedback, but I know those posts are on the long side and I don't want to give you too
much "required reading" all at once. :P

Anyway, I'm happy to field questions whenever you have them, so feel free to send me a
message if you don't catch me in the map comments section. Also feel free to join our
Discord server (the link is on the left, under the "Community" heading), where we have a
whole channel dedicated to design maps :)

Happy mapping!
dudeman33 (09/17/2017 11:09pm):
Not good but not terrible

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