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(1v1)Longest Yard (Design Map by Aetherine)
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Rating: 6.65 in 31 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
cduke (01/03/2006 03:04am):
looks good but i think its to symetrical,
perhaps another base per player or in the middle would be fine to
could also use less woods and mountains on the sides and more in the middle next to the road.
also a city or 2 in the middle to draw the players to a central battlefield
ftyhbvg (02/18/2006 05:10pm):
i think this map is for fog of war because of the many mountains and forest.
mr.len (02/19/2006 02:32pm):
had a great fog war on this map. unfortunatly i lost it ;o).
a little center would be nice, but its not a must.

excuse my english, not a native speaker
Riukken (06/30/2006 12:31am):
There should be a counter for FTA and some properties in the middle of the map. Perhaps a
base and two cities. Good terrain variety though. 7/10
GaoGaoStegosaurus (08/05/2006 04:32pm):
Add counter for FTA and more incentive for fighting in the middle, please.
Dr. Disco (08/23/2006 02:14am):
I'm pretty sure the mountains/forest combo in the middle is designed for hiding units in FOW,
which is cool, but like others say, it might be better if there were more to fight over in the
center instead of big neutral space. Pretty good, I've made a number of games on this map.
jhuni (10/19/2006 12:07am):
Really imbalanced due to FTA
sirfuxalot (10/30/2006 04:30pm):
Another problem is there's not enough funds, and mechs and artillery will really thrive here.
jhuni (11/14/2006 09:05pm):
FTA should be balanced by giving GS a extra citie over YC, other then that theres a general
lack of neatrul properties, 8 is way to little for the maps size, also there is nothing in the
center, so essentailly there isn't going to be much to fight over. 7/10
DuelStriker (07/12/2007 08:48pm):
This map is cool
battlebird (07/14/2007 07:18pm):
i love this map

DuelStriker (07/16/2007 06:37am):
Is that why you challenged me on this map battlebird?

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