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precious time, glory days (Design Map by Alien Princess)
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Rating: 1.50 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Alien Princess (10/12/2017 06:30pm):
nrioo fonbcornforcibco fbncoircbirecbr4ip4noi4nc ccn oicncin (View this song)
dudeman33 (10/12/2017 08:47pm):
great song, ugly map
Jackie Milton (10/12/2017 10:17pm):
Says you.
Dreadnought (10/13/2017 09:07pm):
It's no lavagainer map but its nicer in both aesthetics and balance than the average dudeman33 map.

dudeman33 you should really invest in both accepting constructive criticism and not being an asshole to
everyone all the time. Being arrogant doesn't make you cool, especially since you can't back up your talk
at all.
Pika Rizard (10/14/2017 04:40am):
I think it's a team map, right ? FTA. The map is too big, heavy-naval and the fund isn't enough to build
ships. It will take months to finish the game in this map.
And GE can't capture that port so he have to build ground units only, and he doesn't have enough
money to do that.
FFA ? Then OS vs BM first, JS try to attack GE when he build a lander, but if GE blocks the shores...
Then it's a waitng game here, waiting until JS have enough money to build a battleship...

Um, does anyone know how to fix this map ?
dudeman33 (10/14/2017 08:32am):
by deleting it, Also all my maps outrank this one
TheOutcastsOwn (12/10/2017 09:50pm):
Ever downvote a map just so you could say your maps get better rankings?

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