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Swap o' Swamp (Design Map by Hanzhe_x5)
Categories: New

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Hanzhe_x5 (10/08/2017 07:18pm):
First, loved the new website layout, looks refreshing, organized, and totally
confusing to old players like meh.

Second, thanks for fixing the bugs, restarting the league and the tournament thing.

Third, is the map limit thing fixed yet and will Bam ever finish the text adventures?
walkerboh01 (10/09/2017 03:12am):
Cheers. The map tile bug isn't fixed yet, it's on the list. Feel free to pop by the Discord chat for regular updates on
development activities.

This map is nice by the way. I assume the black boats are on pipe tiles and are really just there for early vision /
CO bar charging?
Hanzhe^4 (10/09/2017 07:29am):
Nah they aren't on pipe tiles and there are waaaaaaay too much forests for FoW.
Now that you mentioned it it might be better if I just remove the neos because literally everyone will try to
gain access to it with artillery when the map is chocky enough already and early access to neos might be bad for
FTA issues.
walkerboh01 (10/10/2017 02:05am):
Oh, the neotank itself will just kill the black boat, I assumed. And yeah, early neotank is a pretty decent FTA
problem. If you delay it with a pipe seam it's a little better.
a9977321 (10/10/2017 09:14am):
I guess the FTA counters should be improved. A starting city is missed.

By putting the bboat on the pipeseam the neotank will take many turns to get out by
itself. Early artilleries are necessary to free neotanks and to counter them as well.
Dreadnought (10/10/2017 09:18pm):
Hanzhe, I think everyone except me and X forgot the text adventures exist unless you are in it under an
alias or something. Without Nyv or BountyFrog able to participate, it makes it more difficult as well.
Last Edited on 10/10/2017 09:20pm
Jackie Milton (10/10/2017 10:25pm):
I was an adventurer. Alas, I was forgotten.
Dreadnought (10/10/2017 10:33pm):
I didn't forget you Jackie, I just wasn't sure if you remembered because you missed the last round of me
and X continuing the troll posts (although given that was probably a terrible indicator of who remembers)
and I didn't include you in the inactive list because you are still active.
Last Edited on 10/10/2017 10:35pm
Xmo5 (10/12/2017 01:37pm):
*Wistful sigh* ... I remember the good old days of text adventures.

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