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return of the master (Design Map by sullamaps01)
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walkerboh01 (10/09/2017 03:13am):
Those neutral bases are pretty contested, that's not ideal.
sulla (10/09/2017 12:28pm):
Why not, makes for an interesting game.
dudeman33 (10/09/2017 12:33pm):
who is the master??
Dreadnought (10/09/2017 06:56pm):
Why Amigo1234 of course!
walkerboh01 (10/09/2017 11:06pm):
The problem with contested bases is that it turns the map into a battle purely to control the bases. Whoever wins
an advantage in capturing the base (even if it's just capturing a base a couple of turns ahead of their opponent)
will create a large enough advantage to be decisive. It makes the game completely one-dimensional, where
players have very little real choice.
sulla (10/11/2017 10:43pm):
I am the master
Artamiel (10/12/2017 05:26am):
boring base rushing map...

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