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30 years war baby! (Design Map by sullamaps01)
Categories: Casual Play

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sullamaps01 (10/12/2017 05:42am):
Any flaws with this idea? Is it workable? Trying to make a map that encourages naval battles. Does the
FTA counter work?
Jackie Milton (10/12/2017 07:48am):
What is a war baby?
sulla (10/12/2017 07:54am):
no idea
Tmi489 (10/12/2017 08:37pm):
a baby born when a soldier goes out into a foreign land and has love
Jackie Milton (10/12/2017 08:39pm):
Even in times of peace?
MorganLeah (10/13/2017 11:30am):
Especially in times of peace.
Harti (10/13/2017 05:46pm):
BD might be able to contest the Tower that's supposed to belong to OS. Note the "might", I haven't played in ages
Pika Rizard (10/14/2017 04:48am):
Heavy-fund. Is this map supposed to play in FoW ? Sasha really has some advantage here, and Kindle
sulla (10/14/2017 09:15am):
I am trying to make a map that encourages the building of a big navy. It needs heavy funds.
Context (10/15/2017 01:00am):
if only there was a way to change how much money a property gave you
Jackie Milton (10/15/2017 10:54am):
a9977321 (10/17/2017 05:51am):
You need high income, or more staring funds.

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