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DeathValley (Design Map by YuWeiYoutJ)
Categories: A-Rank

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Xmo5 (10/26/2017 08:21am):
The neutral base and airport by the predeployed units feel awkward to me. The base is
highly contested, though the rockets should potentially prevent that from being an issue,
but no matter who gets the airport, there's a problem. It's closer to the player without
the predeployed units in the area, but they already have an airport nearby and they'll
have a hard time capturing/using it if the rockets/missiles interfere. if they do
successfully capture and use it, it's obnoxiously close to the neutral base and it makes
the gameplay a bit awkward in that area. If the other team manages to capture it, they run
into the same issue since it's so close to the base on the other side too.

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