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21x21 (Design Map by 7.8/10-ign)
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7.8/10-ign (11/11/2017 09:00pm):
2v2 (ABBA)
Unit Ban: Black Bomb (Inf Ban should work good here too)
Funds per city: 1000|1500|2000 without Inf Ban, 1500|2000 if Infs are banned (I suggest
CO Bans: Broken 5 + Javier are good bans here. Others are up for preference.
Last Edited on 11/12/2017 11:01am
the-deadly-shadow (11/14/2017 08:35am):
The reefs will reduce the movement of ships, who allready have a bad movement, so I don't
consider it fair to have so many reefs.

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