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decisions... (Design Map by 7.8/10-ign)
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7.8/10-ign (11/13/2017 06:13pm):
A tightly spaced & crazy FFA/2v2 map with lots of decision making (Look at all those
pipes!). Teams Set Up can be anything, but I would suggest OS+BM vs. GE+YC (cross
team play), as otherwise the fronts will be very choky / indirect heavy most likely.

Other rules that I had in mind for this match that you obviously don't have to follow

- Weather: SNOW (yes - this was the original idea actually but I got a little bit carried
away with other ideas........)
- Unit Bans: Black Bomb (you only get this one and you have to work for it!) & Infs*
- Funds: 1000|1500|2000 [with infs] - 2000|2500|3000 [no infs]
- CO Bans: Broken 5 + Javier
(+ Olaf if you play with snow obviously)
(+ Sturm otherwise)
(Maybe Sami? Lots of contested cities after all...)

*Also had Inf Ban in mind, so I gave a mech to GE/YC. It's also half the cost of funds if
played with 2000 funds so that works well too. And mechs have better movement in
snow too. So yeah to sum it up:

- Snow
- 2000 or 3000 funds per turn/city
- BBomb & Infs banned
- Broken5+Javier+Olaf banned
Last Edited on 11/16/2017 07:48pm

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