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Cage Match (Design Map by Headphone2018)
Categories: A-Rank, Fog of War

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Headphone (11/25/2017 03:35am):
For FoW
walkerboh01 (11/25/2017 03:04pm):
Adding the carrier was a good idea. Forcing players to build rockets to clear the predeployed recon vision is nice
too. I might recommend changing the subs to recons too so that they can be more easily cleared. You don't really
need predeployed vision on the airport or neutral base after the first few turns.
Headphone (02/14/2018 01:44am):
Last Edited on 02/14/2018 01:45am
Meta Rexy (08/13/2018 12:31pm):
This map seems to have been substantially edited and now only has two bases.

Nonetheless, it looks pretty nice. :)

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