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League of Legends 6 Player RP Game - Inspired by 'Light Arena 5v5' by SuperAnon3MC Version 2 (Design Map by clord666)
Categories: Toy-Box

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clord666 (12/06/2017 03:09pm):
Version 2 of my 6player League Map.
Not necessarily better, however designed to reduce time taken by TG mod which should significantly speed up games played in real-time (and real-time games are highly
encouraged on this
Also measures have been taken to increase defensive capability of towers and reduce early tower destruction.
Funding for Champion countries (OS and BM) have also been decreased slightly (this shouldnt have much of an effect besides making Colin slightly more viable) while offensive
power of minions
have been increased (by giving YC and GE 6 towers). Trade-off for these changes is reduced space in lanes, particularly around turrets.
You can find Version 1 here http://awbw.amarriner.com/prevmaps.php?maps_id=72347
Please read the instructions I have written in the comments of the above map in full if you wish to play this map how it was designed to be played (of course you may player
however you wish if
you choose to).
There are some differences though, that I will now go into, apologies in advance for the textwall.


Firstly, the CO choices have changed.
TG must play Sonja as usual.
However PL must play as Javier.
YC and GE must play as Grimm as usual.
While OS and BM can choose out of Adder, Andy, Colin, Eagle, Flak, Grimm, Jake, Jess, Jugger, Koal, Lash, Max or Sami.
No other settings have changed, I still recommend no tags and clear weather with 1000 funds per turn with 0 starting funds, and Fog must be on.

Secondly, due to the 1333 bug, the placement of some units are not how I would ideally need them to be, please refer here for instructions regarding the first few turns due to the
1333 bug:

Further changes are to the left-side, where the "Area for TG to Charge COP" now consists of neo-tanks so TG may charge their power more easily (as neos do 0dmg to 9tower
megatanks on HQ which counter-ohko the neos). The "Area for TG to 'Level Up' Jungle Units" is now larger and in a different shape, however TG will still continue to capture a
tower on the 10th,
20th, 30th, etc turns (note in order to capture a tower on these turns, TG must start their capture on days 9, 19, 29, etc.). The "Area for buffs" has also been slightly changed
however will
function in the same way; APCs will move to allow OS and BM to capture towers as they defeat the dragon (for a max of 3 times) same as version 1, however it will be better
managed with 3
APCs each and a neotank to remove the infantry when needed. While TG will have their power active every turn, PL, YC and GE will not use their powers and OS and BM will use
their powers as
they wish (emulating ultimates) as per Version 1.

TG will also no longer have to damage PL rockets to remove their funding (drastically reducing time taken per turn) as the piperunners will be supplied by APCs on empty missile
These APCs are invulnerable due to receiving a total of 120% defence. Due to Javiers damage reduction from indirect units and the placement of APCs and Piperunners, there are
no squares
from which Piperunners can be attacked with impunity.


If you draw an imaginary line diagonally from the top-leftmost corner, it splits the map (the area contained within the pipeline) in half, and each side has 2 PL turrets per lane.
A turret unit for PL now consists of 2 APCs and 2 Piperunners, however this is 1 turret and functions the exact same way as a single piperunner in Version 1 (ie only 1 shot per
turret each day,
however this shot can com either piperunner. Piperunners also prioritise enemy champions over enemy minions, and if there are 2 targets of the same priority in range, they attack
the closer one
always. They will also never fire on allied minions and allied champions, and minions and champions will not attack turrets they are allied with).
Minions cannot go past an enemy tower, and must destroy all the piperunners in a turret before moving on to the next turret. The APCs must not be attacked by minions or
champions (they are
invulnerable anyways) and once on the empty silos they will remain in place for the entirety of the game (ie PL will not destroy them). When piperunners are destroyed they will
leave pipeseams,
minions must not attack these seams and will move on to the next tower, however champion units may destroy these pipeseams if they wish.
Champions are not restricted by this, and may attack any enemy tower they wish (a restriction on this will be mentioned later), however attacking non-frontline towers will be much
dangerous as these will be at full hp.
Frontline turrets belonging to PL will be hit by 2 missiles (one targeted at each APC) by TG, starting from day 2 (ie on day 2 they will fire 12 missiles, and will fire 2 more everytime a
PL turret falls,
they have ample missiles to do this. They do not target YC or GE turrets however). As these piperunners (and APCs, however they will still perform their function perfectly fine) will
be on 4hp,
they are somewhat less dangerous than the 10hp non-frontline turrets. Killing a turret means to get the last hit and kill the final piperunner on that turret, which grants 1 point to that

Regarding the turrets belonging to GE and YC, the top and bot turrets consist of 2 piperunners while the mid turret consists of 3 piperunners. Once again only 1 piperunner may
fire per day from
each turret, they follow the exact same rules as PL turrets. However these turrets (whether they consist of 2 or 3 piperunners and bases) are inhibitor turrets and follow similar
rules as the single
piperunner inhibitors from Version 1. That is, once the piperunners have been killed, they may not be respawned, however APCs can be respawned if the minion country wishes,
but only once all
piperunner are killed, and APCs may only be respawned once all the bases of that turret are recaptured or all the APCs of that turrent are dead. All bases of a turret must also
spawn an APC at
the same time and if they cannot, they may not spawn an APC at all. Getting the last hit and kill on the final APC respawned grants 0.2 points to that champion, while getting the last
hit and kill on
the final piperunner grants 1 point to that champion (regardless of whether the turret consisted of 2 or 3 units).
To Capture an inhibitor (this is the only base that can be captured, blocked or travelled over. No other base or airport may be captured, blocked or travelled over by either team's
minions or
champions), all bases (whether 2 or 3) must be captured, and only then can the reward of spawning mech units (or tanks if Hand of The Baron is active) be applied to that lane.
However unlike version 1, at least 1 inhibitor must be captured before either champions or minions may start attacking the nexus turrets (the 3 piperunners surrounding the YC or
GE HQs, which
i will talk about later) or capturing the enemy nexus (YC or GE HQs). So once the piperunners are destroyed, minions must begin capturing an inhibitor, and this capturing is
prioritised over
everything else including attacking (however minions that are shielding a capturing infantry will prioritise attacking over shielding) unless that side already has captured 1 or more
inhibitor (in
which case attacking is prioritised). If more than 1 inhibitor is exposed but not captured (ie all piperunners are destroyed) all exposed bases will be prioritised for capture, however
this priority will
be removed as soon as 1 inhibitor is captured. If a side as already captured an inhibitor, attacking is prioritised over capturing more inhibitors, however YC and GE may choose to
moving forward or capturing more inhibitors if no units are in attack range. While only a single inhibitor needs to be captured to start attacking nexus towers or capturing the enemy
nexus, having
more than one inhibitor captured will allow mech (or tanks if Hand of The Baron is active) to spawn in other lanes as well. If a side loses control of an inhibitor it has captured from
the enemy (as
in all 2 or 3 bases are recaptured), it must cease attacking the nexus turrets (piperunners) and or capturing of enemy nexus (it does not have to move off the enemy nexus, but it
can no longer
capture) regardless of whether the piperunners will heal and fire back. The side may resume capturing or attacking of nexus turrets if they regain control of at least 1 inhibitor

The 3 piperunners surrounding the YC or GE HQs represent the 2 nexus turrets. Any 2 of these 3 piperunners may fire (or both if one is brought down) and follow the exact same
rules as all
other turrets. Nexus Piperunners do not respawn but can heal like inhibitor piperunners, however once killed the bases that they covered cannot be captured or blocked (but may
be travelled
over) however nothing will respawn from those bases. All 3 piperunners must be killed before the enemy nexus (GE or YC HQ) may be captured (assuming an enemy inhibitor has


And that is the end of the special rules that apply to this version of my league maps.
Once again, sorry for that textwall. I also apologise for any typos i have made or if something was unclear, contradictory or left out. Please feel free to reply with any questions, and
enjoy your
Last Edited on 12/06/2017 03:13pm
clord666 (12/06/2017 03:13pm):
Damn formatting is terrible again, sorry bout that.
clord666 (12/06/2017 11:12pm):
It is possible to play with a modification to the above rules, where turrets prioritise
1) Enemy champions in combat with (combat counts as being attacked or attacking on the current or previous turn) an allied champion.
2) Enemy minions in combat with an allied champion.
3) Enemy minions in combat with an allied minion.
4) Enemy champions attacking an allied minion.

All spawned minions will prioritise (if possible, priority only matters if there are multiple targets within attack range)
If minions have multiple options of the same priority (e.g only 2 enemy minions in range that are not currently in combat) they will move according to YC or GE's descretion
1) Capturing enemy nexus (assuming at least 1 inhibitor has already been captured) - only applies to infantry and mech minions
2) Capturing enemy inhibitors if no enemy inhibitors are currently captured - only applies to infantry and mech minions
3) Attacking enemy champions in combat with an allied champion.
4) Attacking enemy champions in combat with an allied turret.
5) Attacking enemy minions in combat with an allied champion.
6) Attacking enemy minions in combat with an allied turret.
7) Attacking enemy minions in combat with an allied minion.
8) Attacking enemy champions in combat with an allied minion.
9) Attacking the closest enemy minion
10) Attacking the closest enemy champion
11) Attacking the closest enemy turrets or inhibitors
12) Capturing enemy inhibitors while 1 or 2 enemy inhibitors are currently captured - only applies to infantry and mech minions
12) Moving at least 1 space forward along the lane, or toward the enemy Nexus if within the enemy nexus region (so no minion may end turn in the same square 2 turns in a row unless they are attacking or cannot move because they are blocked).
- for infantry and mech minions within the enemy nexus region, this is of equal priority as capturing excess inhibitors so it is up to YC and GE which they will prioritise.
- for minions defending within their nexus region, they may move to anywhere (including backwards) within the nexus region if the nexus region has enemy minions or champions within it. Once enemies have been removed they must exit the
nexus region via the closest lane). The only other time a minion may move backwards is if an enemy unit is in attacking range behind it.

Minions cannot attack pipeseams, and no unit (champion or minion) may travel over or end turn on any base besides the enemy inhibitor bases (which may also be captured) or the enemies nexus towers (those bases may not be captured,
and no unit may end turn on those bases, however infantry or mech minions only may travel over them to reach the enemy nexus).

The Summoned Rift Herald (Md. Tank) minion (controlled by TG) follows similar priority to those of spawned minions, however with some differences because it prioritises attacking structures above all and ignores the existence of any
1) Attacking enemy turrets or inhibitors
2) Attacking enemy minions in combat with an allied turret
3) Attacking enemy minions in combat with any allied unit (ie doesnt differentiate between allied champions and minions)
4) Attacking the closest enemy minion (it does not initiate on enemy champions)
5) Moving at least 1 space forward along the lane or toward the enemy Nexus if within the nexus region (however unlike summoned minions which move at the discretion of YC and GE, the Summoned Rift Herald will always attempt to move
the maximum possible distance forward that it can if no enemies are in attacking range)
- If the Summoned Rift Herald has multiple enemies of the same priority (e.g only 2 enemy turrets in range) it will attack whichever one is further away
- Reminder that the Summoned Rift Herald will not attack anything belonging to the side that summoned it, and that side must also not attack the Rift Herald they Summoned. The Md. Tanks must also not be attacked by either side while they
are on the pipeline surrounding the nexus region.
Last Edited on 12/08/2017 04:13am
clord666 (12/07/2017 02:46am):
An image to help differentiate different areas of the game map
clord666 (12/08/2017 04:08am):
More modifications could be changing minion waves. They could still start on turn 5 and last 5 turns, however consist of 3 days spawning minions and 2 days not
(compared to the original 2 days spawning and 3 days not
spawning). Rather than YC and GE broadcasting at the start of turns 5, 10, 15, etc, TG could announce that 'Minions are Spawning' on Day 5 only.
This should reduce the amount on unneeded broadcasts.
On day 4 TG could also announce 'One Turn until Minions Spawn' if they wished too.

Points earned by getting the last hit can also be changed to the following:

Turrets: 8 points (last hit on the final Piperunner of a tower, regardless of the type of tower)
Inhibitor APC respawns: 1.2 points

Infantry Type: 0.8 points
Mech Type: 2 points
Tank Type: 5 points
Summoned Rift Herald (Md. Tank): 0 points

Neutral Monsters
Rift Scuttler (APC): 0 points
Raptor (Infantry): 0.6 points
Wolves (Mech): 1.8 points
Krug (Mech): 1.8 points
Gromp (Recon): 1.8 points
Red Brambleback (Tank): 4 points
Blue Sentinel (Tank): 4 points
Dragon (Md. Tank): 8 points
Elder Dragon (Neotank): 18 points
Rift Herald (Neotank): 10 points
Baron Nashor (Megatank): 12 points

Killing any Champion (regardless of hp) grants 8 points to the Champion that lands the final hit
Damaging any Champion (at least 1hp) but not killing it, grants 2 points (an assist) if the champion that was damaged is killed by another allied champion, minion or turret
the damaged champion successfully recalls or 3 turns have passed (whichever comes first), recalling or 3 turns passing resets the timer for assists
Multi-kills are when a champion kills or counterkills another enemy champion in 3 or less turns after the last champion kill. (so if a champion gets a kill on turn 10, for a
multikill it
must kill or counterkill another enemy champion on turn 13 at the latest).
This can stack up to a maximum of 5 times.
A Double Kill grants a bonus 2 points, while a Triple Kill grants a bonus 3 points, a Quadra Kill grants a bonus 4 points and a Penta Kill grants a bonus 5 points.
So for example if a Champion lands a Quadra Kill, its total points earned will be:
Single Kill: 8 points
Double Kill: 8 points + 2 bonus
Triple Kill: 8 points + 3 bonus
Quadra Kill: 8 points + 4 bonus
= Total of 41 points
This timer is reset every kill. So for example if a Champion kills a second enemy champion on turn 11, one turn after killing one enemy champion on turn 10, then kills a
enemy champion 4 turns after the second on day 15 (so a
total of 3 enemy champions killed in 6 turns) it will not count as a triple kill, only counting as a double kill and a single kill.
However if a Champion kills a second enemy champion on day 13, 3 turns after killing one enemy champion day 10, then kills a third enemy champion 3 turns after the
on day 16 (so a total of 3 enemy champions killed in 7 turns) it will count as a triple kill.
First Blood (being the first Champion to kill an enemy Champion) grants a bonus 4 points as well.
Last Edited on 12/09/2017 03:04am
clord666 (12/08/2017 08:56am):
Other Changes could be to rewards bought with points, rather than all upgrades and abilities costing 24 points:

First Respawn/Recall reduction ability costing 12 points with all following Respawn/Recall reduction abilities costing 24 points.

For ground force champions (ie all champions besides the B-Copter), the first upgrade will cost 20 points with subsequent upgrades costing
4 more points each time (reverting the upgrade costs no points but it does not reset the cost back down nor does it refund any points). So a
second upgrade will cost 24, a third will cost 28, a fourth will cost 32, etc.
For the B-Copter, all upgrades cost 30 points every time.

Another change is giving more upgrade options that can be seen in the image below:

clord666 (12/09/2017 04:45am):
Score Tracker Updated for above changes
clord666 (12/11/2017 11:07am):
New Score Tracker that includes a Status Tracker
Last Edited on 12/11/2017 11:14am

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