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MMM Range (Design Map by Headphone2018)
Categories: New

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Xmo5 (12/07/2017 10:09am):
I'm not sure I like the close proximity of the bases in the NE and SW. I mean, the
chokepoint helps to mitigate that a bit, but I think the capture phase will be
uncomfortable, if nothing else. The tower position also feels a bit odd. The counter base
would get there first, but I don't know how well they'd ever actually control that area
before it gets overtaken again, especially with an enemy airport right there and most
infantry from the nearby enemy base going in that direction. It might play out like a nice
tower swap mechanic, but I'm not sure that it will be as smooth of a transition as it
could be and might happen too early or just turn into an awkwardly contested tower
instead. I'd probably have to see a test game.
Headphone (12/08/2017 06:43pm):
The isolated bases are the main theme of the map. Good calls on the
airport and comtowers, I'll try and figure something out.

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