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Violet Haven (Design Map by SuperAnon3MC)
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Rating: 7.00 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
SuperAnon3MC (12/22/2017 01:00am):
Violet Haven Rules

CO Powers: Off
Fog: On
Weather: Rain
Funds per Turn: 500
Starting Funds: 0
Capture/Days: Off

Unit Bans: Black Bomb, Bomber, Fighter, Infantry, Mech, Mega-Tank, Neotank, Piperunner, Stealth, T Copter
Lab Units: Anti-Air, APC, Artillery, B Copter, Medium Tank, Missile, Recon, Rocket, Tank
Headphone (12/22/2017 01:11am):
I think this map would be more interesting if the countries were positioned for team
games. (ie person going 1st opposite the person going 2nd, the person going 3rd opposite
the person going 4th, etc.)
ichbinsehselber (12/22/2017 04:34pm):
In addition to what Headphone says:
OS can immidiately use his First Turn Advantage (FTA) to kill the JS artillery without

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