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Shaded Light (Design Map by SuperAnon3MC)
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SuperAnon3MC (12/25/2017 04:25pm):
Shaded Light

Goal: Whoever captures the Grey Sky HQ first wins, everyone else has to Yield.
Grey Sky can win, they have to destroy everyone else before they can build enough to counterattack, or block
the enemy bases.

Teams: Off
CO Power: On
Fog: On
Weather: Clear
Starting Funds: 3000
Funds per Turn: 1000
Capture: Off
Days: Off

Banned COs: Colin, Drake, Grit, Hachi, Hawke, Javier, Kanbei, Kindle, Lash, Nell, Olaf, Rachel, Sami, Sasha,
Sturm, Von Bolt

Banned Units: Neotank, Piperunner

OS, BM, GE, YC - Random CO
GS - Sensei

Any rules not specified here are to be whatever you decide.
Last Edited on 12/25/2017 06:06pm
a9977321 (12/28/2017 06:47am):
If GS is Sensei, why not try HQ capturing?
SuperAnon3MC (02/18/2018 09:19pm):
Fixed, kinda.
Put Subs on the way so GS can't capture, or at least for a while.
Feedback is much appreciated.

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