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The world war ll 36x36 Europe 1940 (Design Map by 晓浩君)
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Rating: 4.71 in 7 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
lamty101 (03/14/2018 12:33am):
Seems you did some hard work trying to represent the
situation in WW2
Not really playable as ffa though. Hard to balance even as
team game.

pbutter (03/21/2018 07:28am):
A piece of art, but a determined game
JacobP14372 (03/21/2018 05:07pm):
It looks like too many teams are outnumbered, perfect representation though.
晓浩君 (03/27/2018 05:13am):
拖拖拉拉很烦人 还影响战略部署以及最终胜负
晓浩君 (03/27/2018 05:16am):

EagleSami (04/03/2018 01:59am):
^ Map designer's suggestion translated:
Orange Star: Olaf
Black Hole: Sami
Grey Sky: Eagle
Yellow Comet: Grit
Pink Cosmos: Javier or Drake
Meta Rexy (08/04/2018 12:40am):
Forget about actual fights on this map. FTA means that several armies will start their
first turn severely weakened and their CO bars charged.

However, it's impressive as art.
datwill310 (08/07/2018 04:12am):
Is this Dudeman’s alt account?
Schreck (08/19/2018 04:37am):
If it were this map would be clunky and awkward because every coastline and continental
shape would be made up of lines so straight and narrow that it would make Mike Pence
question his sexuality. Also it doesn't nearly have enough shoreless one tile property

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