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The world war ll 36x36 Europe 1940 (Design Map by 晓浩君)
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Rating: 5.33 in 6 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
lamty101 (03/14/2018 12:33am):
Seems you did some hard work trying to represent the
situation in WW2
Not really playable as ffa though. Hard to balance even as
team game.

pbutter (03/21/2018 07:28am):
A piece of art, but a determined game
JacobP14372 (03/21/2018 05:07pm):
It looks like too many teams are outnumbered, perfect representation though.
晓浩君 (03/27/2018 05:13am):
拖拖拉拉很烦人 还影响战略部署以及最终胜负
晓浩君 (03/27/2018 05:16am):

EagleSami (04/03/2018 01:59am):
^ Map designer's suggestion translated:
Orange Star: Olaf
Black Hole: Sami
Grey Sky: Eagle
Yellow Comet: Grit
Pink Cosmos: Javier or Drake

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