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Tresure Hunt 5P (Design Map by a9977321)
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a9977321 (04/29/2018 03:45am):
Alpha version
This map is a 5P map, with 4 expedition teams and BH the ghost fleet.

CO banlist: All mass damage and missile damage COs, Broken 5.
Unit ban=everything but infs & mechs
Funds per property=100
Starting funds=10000

Different advantages of each team
OS: Air force & Carriers, no bships though
BM: 5 cites at the beginning & Mass Indirect supports and antiair troopers
GE: Larger fleet
YC: Additional squad of subs & precious bboats
BH: Though being 8T Javier, BH is unlikely to win(Win by rout is the only possible way).

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