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4 Islands, 1 War (Design Map by Marston)
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Rating: 7.56 in 16 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Midway (01/11/2006 12:48pm):
nice map, but if u want i rated u should create games with the map
Greyhead (03/15/2006 09:02am):
He did. Nice map anyways. Looks one from actual game.
Flux (03/22/2006 12:25pm):
I like it; it's balanced while avoiding symmetry.
Lego X (11/16/2006 05:58pm):
i would play if there was not any fog
sirfuxalot (11/16/2006 06:08pm):
It's not balanced. The two central islands will be nearly impossible to take from whoever
gets them first (probably OS) because there is a base and a port on each one. Remove the
bases. There's also too many bases is general considering its going to be mainly air
warfare, maybe a little bit of sea.

If I were you I'd add some more central islands but not put as many production facilities,
and definitley no missiles. Just put some extra funding to fight over.
Meta Rexy (07/24/2008 08:42pm):
Missile silos are bad.
Especially on this map.
BM's got the best airport since a cruiser can't sit right beside it and murder every air
unit made on it.
Not bad, but you should connect the islands with the two bases or something to make it
more engaging. Otherwise it will end up a sea/air war with no land units in between.
And fog just takes fun from this game.

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