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Urban Darkness (Design Map by ChrisRedfield)
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Rating: 6.20 in 5 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
ChrisRedfield (05/15/2018 10:34pm):
This map is designed to be FFA with limited funds (no income). Anything over 100k starting
funds should be good for a map of this size (I personally recommend 150-200k). Fog is
recommended, however this map is perfectly playable with no fog. The missile silos are
incorporated as a way to incentivize players who don't camp/turtle on a map with no
income. I thought about comm towers instead, but that can get a little crazy in large
quantities... that and it would call for a Xavier ban. I don't want a Xavier ban cuz he is

Set bans how you like, but I recommend that you ban Colin and Grit. Hachi might need to be
banned if funds are set over 200k.

Please leave positive comments and constructive feedback below. Yes, I know terrain is
weird, but yeah let me know what you think.
knocklok (05/17/2018 01:49am):
I think the map is a bit dull since there aren't much in this map except silos
a9977321 (05/17/2018 11:44am):
Silos might lead to FTA issues, though they do work against turtling.
Xmo5 (05/17/2018 11:52am):
With all those silos and no income, it'll just turn into the battle of a bunch of 1 HP
units that can't be healed or replaced. You'd have a similar problem with income, but not
quite as bad.
ChrisRedfield (05/18/2018 04:25pm):
After a test play, I'll address the FTA issues.

Also if you can provide an alternative to fight turtling on a no income map let me know.
Only two I can think of are comm towers and silos, although labs might be a consideration.

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