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splan10 (Design Map by thenoo)
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mech2000 (06/07/2018 10:22am):
Do you hate roads or something?
Jackie Milton (06/07/2018 02:31pm):
Iroquois get double movement in forests.
thenoo (06/08/2018 05:43am):
Just mixing it up for my play group
wilkyb (07/10/2018 09:42am):
LOL jackie
wilkyb (07/10/2018 09:46am):
I like this map but it's definitely going to get choked up with eight factories per side.

I would recommend you keep maybe 5 factories maximum and to also widen the bridges on the second and
third front.
wilkyb (07/10/2018 09:46am):
I think this would be a pretty good FoW map though after a few rounds of changes. Recons will be very good
in FoW when they can hide in the forests with big vision. Mountains are less pivotal in placing an infantry on
them when recons are capable of hiding in forests while revealing key locations on the map.
Last Edited on 07/10/2018 09:48am

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