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Victory Road (Design Map by windmill13)
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Rating: 4.33 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Shadow Star (06/09/2018 12:01am):
It's going to take a few weeks before any combat happens. I notice that the map isn't symmetrical. Also,
looking at where the two bases and com tower in the "middle" are very obviously closer to Blue Moon. There's
also how Blue moon has a few more property to capture.
The entire map is going to be hampered with chokepoints. There are too many points that are 1 or 2 tiles wide.
It's also a very square map. in the sense that it's almost all straight lines. the road is straight, the land mass is
straignt. the forests and cities are randomly placed but in favor of Blue Moon. there's no FTA counter.
Orange Star's first base is 11 squares away, Blue Moon's is 13. It's going to just take too long to get anything

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