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Echo Ridge August 2018 v3 (Design Map by wilkyb)
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Meta Rexy (08/09/2018 03:29pm):
The fronts are rather terrain heavy with all the woods and cities. If you fail to capture
a comm tower you will suffer hard in this map.

The funding is extremely high as well. 40k per side assuming you capture exactly half the
stuff on the map.
With four bases and no airports you can expect plenty of neotanks and rockets on this map.

And the mech is not a good FTA counter. OS can still reach the neutral bases a turn before
BM, and it can more easily traverse the mountains to the south as well. If you really want
to balance things out you should make a second base pre owned and then only give BM an
Last Edited on 08/09/2018 03:33pm
wilkyb (08/09/2018 03:41pm):
yep yep and yep I agree with all you are saying except for the pre-owned second base (which I may
include eventually)

I'm not worried about FTA right now because I have experimented with the mech/infantry openers and their
ups and downs on earlier versions of ER. I'm going to include them back into the map again after I finish
making these terrain updates.

thanks for the feedback
Last Edited on 08/09/2018 03:48pm
Xmo5 (08/09/2018 04:00pm):
I'll also add that if you intend this for fog, there should be fewer forests.
mech2000 (08/09/2018 05:34pm):
symmetry error above the HQ (forest/road)
also too many forests & cities
wilkyb (08/09/2018 11:30pm):
Last Edited on 08/09/2018 11:31pm

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