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Cartel (Design Map by Doritoviet)
Categories: New

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Doritoviet (09/11/2018 04:55pm):
New map!
Certainly much more going on here.
Feel free to leave any suggestions or tips. Thanks!
Sami-YingXiangLi (09/11/2018 05:34pm):
The preset inf location is wrong.
I'll look at the rest later.
Doritoviet (09/11/2018 10:35pm):
Had to take another look myself, but the Grey Sky infantry is in fact on a Grey Sky base. Suppose that's what I
get for using two similarly colored countries, haha.
walkerboh01 (09/11/2018 10:55pm):
I'd also recommend putting the inf on the opposite base. It's common practice to give P2 the neutral base
Doritoviet (09/12/2018 07:01am):
OH. Went and did that now, lol.

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