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central park (Design Map by libertango)
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Rating: 8.63 in 8 ratings
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Kiyobi (01/25/2006 11:46pm):
Looks like a great quickie map...
but why is a BM city on OS ground? I think it should be on the BM side... but I digress.
meow123_456 (01/26/2006 12:29am):
To counter FTA

And central park goes north to south, not east to west
Last Edited on 01/26/2006 12:30am
libertango (01/26/2006 02:47am):
it could be a central park in a mythological city. new york doesn't have mountains either.
gunner1138 (07/07/2006 05:27am):
Seems like some people live in New York. . .
jbrumbau (09/29/2006 10:39pm):
Really interesting idea to counter FTA.

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