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2v1!!! (Design Map by Cordwag)
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Rating: 8.59 in 17 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Lyon_Vigarde (02/06/2006 08:32am):
Shit, this is one-sided. Unless OS and GE are on the same team.
VIH (02/06/2006 09:34am):
great for teamplay! OS & GE vs. BH
ShadowedTruths7 (03/21/2006 09:11pm):
Lyon_Vigarde (02/06/2006 11:32am):
Shit, this is one-sided. Unless OS and GE are on the same team.

maybe thats why its called 2v1...

Bobary (04/14/2006 08:39pm):
BH bases on the sides are overkill. But still, I wanna play this
LuminescentSword (06/24/2006 07:54pm):
I don't like those chokepoints in the center. And there is a bit of base overkill, but
it's still fine. 7/10.
DivineNecromancerZL (08/16/2006 08:49pm):
The perfect Grit defense map. 9/10.
Harmony Bunny (10/14/2006 02:59pm):
Weird, weird, weird battle...
Last Edited on 10/14/2006 03:00pm
ColdFocus2 (05/30/2007 12:00am):
The team game is still slightly unbalanced: about 100 to 80. However, the only one close
factory for both teams makes it much better for the 2P team. BH should be Kanbei or Sensei
(Do they limit you to only 50 units on these maps? If so one power from Sensei would be
almost double that limit.)
Pyrranha (05/31/2007 12:45am):
Serious base overload. Yikes.
ColdFocus2 (05/31/2007 10:30pm):
I am Agreed with Pyrranha.
joeywashere (09/29/2007 09:50pm):
its amazing i cant wait to play, 10/10
GenericNPC (09/29/2007 10:19pm):
Some may say its one sided for BH however they wont be able to move ground units
through the chokepoints too easily
Meta Rexy (09/16/2008 04:39pm):
This will never finish.
Simply the map is too big. Unless you establish a day limit or something you're never
going to finish.
Even if the two beat up BH and knock him back it's chokepointy at the bridges X_X
Infantry_Boy (09/17/2008 08:59am):
This map is like HELL!!!
Ibaara (09/17/2008 02:16pm):
it's a bit much. I love it, but there could have been less plains area.

great work!

Creepy Crawly (10/13/2008 09:10am):
lol Max&Grit vs Kanbei

also Kindle would own this map so bad D:

Also it might be chokey around the bridges but the airports are there for a reason.
Last Edited on 10/13/2008 09:11am
1000rpm (01/10/2009 09:24am):
Playing this map now. At first I thought it was too big and it would take forever, but it
is a legendary game - easily my most memorable game on this site!
Drakodan (05/18/2009 11:26am):
Lyon_Vigarde (02/06/2006 12:32pm):
Shit, this is one-sided. Unless OS and GE are on the same team.

Geez, ya think? Glad you noticed, genius.
Nyvelion (08/06/2012 11:24am):
This map is too big!
Eastie (02/21/2015 12:01am):
Tag CO runs against Colin/Sasha = So much time consumed =/

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