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Earth Harbor (Design Map by Jin)
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Ratings go from 1 (awful) to 10 (near perfect).
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Rating: 7.48 in 33 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
ftyhbvg (02/07/2006 02:14pm):
This map is symetrical and it could be anybody's game
Jin (02/09/2006 07:47pm):
This map isn't symmetrical. The only thing that could possibly be symmetrical is the
starting properties.
TheRaginCajun (02/09/2006 07:51pm):
Hi. TRC here. im a old time vet from the AWN DM if youve ever heard of that. you sir, are an
idiot, look at a map for two seconds before passing judgement on it. also, the rating system
here must be horribly flawed seeing how this warrants a 5 when ive seen completely
symetrical giant chokepoint X's with higher ratings than this. if you want to see good maps
go pay a visit to the DM and go look up a guy named x0_000 or CO_Shade... theres good
map making. TRC out.
ftyhbvg (03/15/2006 12:47pm):
my bad

Brio (03/22/2006 09:27pm):
ok map, but no apperant reason for the pipes, just shrink the map
Last Edited on 03/22/2006 09:28pm
Brio (03/22/2006 09:27pm):
Last Edited on 03/22/2006 09:28pm
Brio (03/22/2006 09:27pm):
yo, TRC, give CO Shade this message:

It's been a long time, ya think? happy frolicing in the area without me?
fine, cause in 2 years or sooner, i'll be back, so don't make any bullcr*p
about me...i may had been a jerk, but they R the ones...that made me banned, forstedlightning
BANNNED ME! form AWN & i'll return...


Ok, long story, i don't wanna explain
Flux (03/23/2006 03:30pm):
What is this crap? Private message each other or something.

Anyway, not a bad map. Just make it smaller instead of using those pipes.
Jin (04/22/2006 09:18am):
Sorry, it's an .awm... I can't shrink it... Unless I'm missing something, here.
Sander (04/28/2006 05:58am):
favors orange star:
their base is closing to the point were both armies meet each other
Bronze (05/28/2006 11:23am):
Although OS do have worse terrain to go through to get there, which evens that out a bit.
godnick (06/08/2006 06:00pm):
it does not favor orange star. if u notice, each team has 11 cities not counting the
port and the city to the left of it, which would b contested areas. then the OS and BM
bases are almost the same distance away from these places.
Eusko_Gudaria (06/13/2006 09:53am):
I think its challenging and so a good map
skyattack (05/19/2007 05:04am):
Good map, playtesting
BraveGhostofYou (05/19/2007 06:04pm):
rr... Orange Stars factories can all be kept in check from the sea
IchigoKurosaki (03/18/2008 11:26pm):
I think Orange star has more advantage, the neutral factory on it's side is closer than blu
moon's also the neutral port is closer. 5/10

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