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Altaria (Design Map by Patashu)
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play

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Ratings go from 1 (awful) to 10 (near perfect).
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Rating: 7.00 in 32 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Patashu (02/01/2006 01:43am):
Let me know if there's something I can fix/improve, please.
meow123_456 (02/01/2006 04:13am):
Make the teams OS + JS, BM + AB, GE + BD and YC + BH, and remove some roads., i'll give it
a 9/10 then
meow123_456 (02/01/2006 04:13am):
How do double posts happen?
Last Edited on 02/01/2006 04:13am
zero212 (02/01/2006 01:38pm):
@ meow123_456 because you double klick submit

i think you should remove some roads but for the rest its a neat map
Patashu (02/02/2006 12:08am):
Removed some roads.
Bobary (04/22/2006 09:49pm):
Koal *twitches*
gunner1138 (05/20/2006 09:32am):
Mmmmmm, piperunners.
jhuni (05/20/2006 12:33pm):
Missile silos are not good things removing them wouldnt be a bad idea.
Last Edited on 05/20/2006 12:33pm
gunner1138 (07/12/2006 05:22pm):
Having to fight for the missile silos counteracts that.
marshie (07/22/2006 01:58pm):
Get in my belly!
jhuni (09/04/2006 03:27pm):
incorrect fighting for missile silos only makes them worse learn ur fax gg-nore.
Need an explanition?? well of course you do its as simple as the first person who reaches
the missile silos is the only one who gets them.

+the missile silos arent that bad where they are only because theres pipes around them but
that doesnt change that much though.

Last Edited on 09/04/2006 03:29pm
jhuni (10/13/2006 12:51pm):
Theres also way to many bases on this map .·´٭*¨°•¤·.
Heartless (09/29/2007 09:07pm):
Base Heavy. VERY
DuelStriker (01/14/2008 06:52pm):
I agree with Heartless
sellout2154 (04/24/2008 12:45pm):
There are a lot of bases, but there are a lot of players too...
Meta Rexy (09/02/2008 03:26pm):
This map is really fun :)
There's lots of cities and bases, and it forces you to fight for them all or you'll be
outmatched. :)
I don't like how the silos interfere with the fighting though.
As said earlier, first guy in gets all four. X_X
Falconewing (07/30/2009 05:52pm):
good map, but remove 1 base for each side in center.
kokosoft (02/23/2013 08:10am):
ke hacer para jugar?

Veritech (09/13/2013 11:36pm):
Yes, I gotta agree with kokosoft. I see a Jugger in this picture.

-- those who hate shall hate henceforth
Ninja_Weasel (12/17/2013 04:51pm):
Yo tambien estoy de acuerdo con kokosoft, pero no veo ningun Jugger aqui.
Nyvelion (12/31/2013 09:25pm):
Wtf are you saying, you're even less understandable than battle car guy over there.
mirddes (01/06/2014 12:55am):
double posts happen when you refresh the page having just commented.

maybe you came back to a tab you had commented in ages ago and refreshed. this posted your post again

mirddes (01/06/2014 12:55am):
i like this map
Nyvelion (01/08/2014 08:49am):
I like how you answered the comment from 2006.
pen (02/13/2014 12:11am):

Nyvelion.... I often see you make a point of doing the same thing haha
Last Edited on 02/13/2014 12:11am
Nyvelion (02/13/2014 06:44am):
Yeah, and I like it that someone else is doing it. Pretty awesome.
Last Edited on 02/13/2014 08:12am
DocSpacebar (12/14/2014 10:52pm):
Uh oh, base cops. Here come the base cops. Help me, base cops. Base trial, base system, on trial, in base, base
system, on trial, guilty! Of being in base! Goin' to base jail!

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