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1 vs 1 symmetric map (Design Map by kees)
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Rating: 7.19 in 16 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
kees (02/21/2006 05:43am):
Grit must be banned for playability.
Also recommended to ban rockets

alexispoquiz (03/19/2006 01:56pm):
Grit is NOT that great. He's awesome. But he can be beaten.
jhuni (03/19/2006 02:13pm):
Grits broken. Period.
Unbeatable ≠ broken is what I was orginally saying. Edited to improved version.
Last Edited on 01/01/2007 12:47pm
Nahbien (03/20/2006 11:58pm):
Grit is broken on pretty much any map. This has been proven time and time again by the
best players on the site.
FireBolt024 (05/03/2006 07:35pm):
Pretty cool, but I think a pre-deployed would have been better.
Thefishdude (06/29/2006 04:49pm):
Javier would probably stop grit players from being broken.
felix45 (08/20/2006 09:44pm):
not really...not at all.

attack power isn't the reason grit is broken. it's +1 range.
Sylux (11/11/2006 07:50pm):
acim81 (02/06/2008 12:12pm):
no, there's no fta counter in need.
no city will be captured earlier by OS because of FTA
Nyvelion (07/30/2014 05:54am):
Grit isn't broken, Kanbei can beat him!

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