AWBW Global League Profile for 5fa003
Player Overview
Rating:  1105.32
W-L-D:  45-20-3
Last 5 Games:  WLLLL (-43.07)
Current Rank:  N/A
Joined: 10/07/2019
Last activity: 06/27/2021
Most-used CO:   (9/68)
Most-used country:      (13/68)
Most-played map: Dark Rising  (6/68)
Game Modes
Standard: 772.40
     W-L-D: 1-2-0
Fog of War: 1053.60
     W-L-D: 44-17-3
High Funds: 775.01
     W-L-D: 0-1-0
Player Rating

Rating Stats
Max rating: 1154.06
     Achieved on: 06/05/2021 vs. Bedmaker
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