Noughts and Crosshairs
Creator: SmackCakes || First Published: 03/06/2006 || Players: 8 || Size: 39x39
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 7.96 in 45 ratings
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Hobo_neojkx (03/07/2006 10:45am):
I think there's just a bit too much going on here...

This game would take forever... And F.O.W woudln't help.
SmackCakes (03/10/2006 11:07pm | Edited: 01/12/2007 02:03pm):
actually a lot of thought and time went into this map, probably a lot more than I imagine
went into your criticism of it.

the map is intended to be an 8 player free for all (tough obviously you could do teams
on it too) the reason I made this map was because I couldn't find any 8 player maps where
everyone got the chance to have a go at everyone else, from day one. Instead of just
having a one on one with the person who starts next to you which seems to be the norm.
there is a lot going on here, but that's the idea, it's a crazy free for all where you're
fighting for your life against 8 other people.


V38 (03/14/2006 11:43am):
I really like this map, the complete free for all style is brilliant and its clear a lot of thought
went into the whole map. I'll have to try a game on this map and definetly in FOW
Freezie (03/18/2006 06:28pm):
Lemme tell you this:


This map is like a puzzle combined with bananas and mangos! No sense at all... A mess!!!!

Pacifist Soldier (03/20/2006 10:37pm | Edited: 08/08/2006 08:26am):
I'm bugging out just looking at this thing. It's crazy and schizophrenic in a VERY good
way. I know I MUST play a game on this map sometime soon. Great work. 10/10
EDIT: Have played on this map. Brilliantly done. Granted, a lot of people dropped out
(myself included) but it was great being able to fight pretty much everyone at once. This
is a cool map.
jhuni (03/24/2006 09:27pm | Edited: 03/24/2006 09:28pm):
i dont see anything wrong with this map the missile silos are well placed after all...
SimaMatt (03/31/2006 08:22pm):
Damn, I'm impressed!
AndyS_1975 (04/06/2006 02:31pm):
Other than the subs preventing a win, it seems pretty cool. Would take forever to win though.
SmackCakes (04/07/2006 09:55pm):
yeah you really need to ban sub at the moment till i find a way to fix that.
Ogre (06/07/2006 10:50am):
What is so good about it I think it is rubbish but you have done it fair.Also it is a bit
big so make it a bit smaller. I would give it 4 out of 10!
Deoxy Knight (07/12/2006 08:33am):
To prevent the sub thing... why not just take out the ports?
beerboy (07/30/2006 10:27am):
great map. 10.
Yankee_Hater (07/30/2006 12:01pm):
he cant take out the ports because then there is no way to get to the airports/silos, he
makes it so that you need a port to get an airport
Yankee_Hater (07/30/2006 12:02pm):
and the only real thing that you can do with this map to make it so subs can prevent a win, is
to make a path to the HQ's, but to do that you would need to remake the whole thing to make
it fair, so just ban subs
felix45 (08/07/2006 03:25pm):
orr how about get rid of the port, and instead make a pipe seam and a path to the airport.

that could work and has basically the same effect that smack was going for.
Mclarenf1905 (08/27/2006 07:43pm):
Nice map man, very creative, I love how all the bases are randomly (but evenly) thrown out
to have everybody fighting everybody at once.
kanatu (09/25/2006 06:31pm | Edited: 09/25/2006 06:33pm):
Yeah. THe subs could be a problem.
dooey100 (10/15/2006 08:31pm):
Im OS in a game, FTA is a major problem.
Personally, I think that if someone hides with a sub, you can pretty much say you have won
SmackCakes (01/12/2007 02:17pm):
Okay I fixed the sub issue and made a few more changes. and I added a com tower in the
middle for extra hilarity. Who will get it? (probably no one, but you never know)

Dooey I've played as OS a few times and I’m not sure what the FTA issue you’re talking
about is. Since you weren't actually specific. Though I find it hard to imagine there
could be FTA on a map like this, as everyone has an equal chance of being double (or even
triple) teamed.

I don't see how OS as any significant advantage over the other teams.
dooey100 (06/23/2007 04:53pm):
I'm talking mainly about the center area, where you can build an artillery on turn one,
and cover all the nearby bases.
SmackCakes (07/08/2007 11:07am):
like i said i don't see that as significant. even if OS does build an artillery and
attacks YC, they could still be attacked themselves by BM or GE. they might end up being
attacked by all 3. OS could end up struggling against BM and GE while YC expands
unnoticed. who has the advantage then? the whole point of FFA is that someone will end up
with an advantage, while someone else gets screwed... you just don't know who it's going
to be. OS is just a prone to being screwed over as anyone else. that's what makes it fun.

besides using an artillery like that would mean blocking your own base anyway, which
probably isn't a good idea.

co stu (07/18/2007 02:57pm):
hilarious pun aside (not) its too crowed with cities
Vegnagun (10/05/2007 05:43am):
I don't know wether you are gay, because I am and I am looking for mates....
DuelStriker (02/02/2008 03:55pm):
^ ...
Flawed Logic (06/09/2008 04:00am):
One of the finer FFA maps i've seen so far. 9/10 It will go on a bit long, but there you go.
kylet8 (01/18/2012 11:52pm):
amazing... nuff said
Sybray (12/01/2013 03:53am):
Kanelj (11/15/2014 09:06am):
Kanelj (11/15/2014 09:06am):
Nyvelion (11/15/2014 04:25pm):
Yes, 井.

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