Mind Trap
Creator: SmackCakes || First Published: 03/19/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 15x15
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 8.12 in 68 ratings
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SmackCakes (03/21/2006 03:41am):
the main theme of this map is the balance between directs and indirects and aggressive and
defensive play. Though the HQ area is relatively easy to defend it is very venerable to
indirect massing on the other side, meaning a player has to be proactive in the centre
with direct units to stay in the game. Also the terrain and the long way round discourages
infantry and mech flooding a little, since it can be easily countered, again with
indirects, though infantry and mechs are still very useful here to traverse the rivers,
making it easy to break the chokes.

Fog is quite fun here too, I’ve left some great little places to hide rockets, and for
infantry to spot from, as well as some decent ground so creep ahead through and set up
ambushes :)

Hope you have lots of fun

SmackCakes (04/07/2006 06:19pm | Edited: 04/18/2006 07:55pm):
Ok I’ve updated the map, BM start with and infantry to counter the FTA, and an extra city
in an area i've noticed they struggle with. it should be about right now.
jhuni (04/09/2006 12:59am):
How does blue moon not have an advantage?
SmackCakes (04/09/2006 02:46am | Edited: 04/18/2006 07:57pm):
they may have done, you looked while i was play testing... it's fixed now.
x0_000 (04/18/2006 10:00pm):
Much more balanced although the city might be a *tad* too far... It's basically about +15000G
for BM before OS catches up... maybe place it closer to OS?
Evil Lord Canas (04/20/2006 01:34am):
Looks awesome, 9/10 from me =)
Nahbien (04/20/2006 11:33pm | Edited: 04/20/2006 11:34pm):
Hmm, x0 has a valid concern. Perhaps change it to the city above OS's neutral factory, to
still give BM some extra income, while giving OS a chance to stop it sooner, yet it's out
of the way so OS can't get it on the way to harassing BM :) Unless of course, I'm not
seeing how much recon'ing will happen and then maybe it's needed. Care to state your
reasons smack? Since you did the playtesting and all.
SmackCakes (05/04/2006 05:37am):
because if OS cuts to the right (which they nearly always will because it's the most
direct root) then it means that the two south eastern most cities become the disputed
properties, where as they should really belong to BM. so what ends up happening is those
cities are the last to be captured because they were the most fought over, so BM lose out
on 2k funds for not capturing them, which then leads to OS having a steep advantage.

the idea of the extra city is not to give BM an early fund advantage, but to make sure
that when the fighting starts that they have the same number of cities as OS.
SmackCakes (10/11/2006 11:54am):
analysis speaks for its self
randomizer (10/13/2006 08:58am | Edited: 10/13/2006 08:58am):
That means there were a lot of stalemates then.
SmackCakes (06/08/2007 06:18pm):
okay fixed :)
Zarcher (01/13/2008 11:35am | Edited: 01/21/2008 05:42pm):
The BM infantry can capture the neutral factory on day 3, which would give BM an early
lead. Put the infantry on the other factory.
Zarcher (01/13/2008 11:36am | Edited: 01/13/2008 09:29pm):
SmackCakes (02/05/2008 05:49pm):
It's called an FTA counter.
sulla (03/24/2008 10:16pm):
So this is like a weak version of my DESU DESU. That gets nothing, but your suck up buddys
give this a A rank?
blanci1 (04/17/2008 05:11am):
Ive tried both. They have major differences, but both play out very well-- and pose difficult
and different strategic problems.
FunkyChunk (05/08/2008 10:46pm):
Clearly Smackcakes copied your map sulla. You made your map WAY before Smackcakes even
thought of creating this!
amthc356 (05/09/2008 12:09am):
this map doesn't have an a-rank
SoulMetaller (05/14/2008 07:32am):
i really cant see how this is copied, both maps are quite different...especially the
comments, your maps are worse so i don't see why your whining, i cant see how it is a
copy, there is alot of terrain /city etc difference...how is this the same? =s
Mafiasco (05/16/2008 06:54am):
love this map, and my only game on it ended because my opponent stopped playing... aww
nirial1991 (05/31/2008 11:19pm):
Looks like it would play decently.

sulla (07/15/2008 12:50am | Edited: 07/15/2008 08:57am):
I cant believe i posted such a crap reveiw of this map. This map is wonderfully made.
Everything is wonderfully placed. A masterpeice. I must of just been lashing out at
smacakes. I was the one who wasnt being objective.
sulla (07/16/2008 12:31pm):
of course if i made this map it wouldnt get S ranked LOL
rast2 (08/20/2008 11:33am):
The main problem with this map is it is really hard to take the HQ even after you have an
overwhelming advantage. Please mvoe them to the main island, maybe just on the otherside
of the bridge.
Kira the God (11/28/2008 12:02pm):
Jess is overpowered on this map.
Dragunov14 (12/13/2008 03:20pm):
lol ^^
Ian_the_pro (02/26/2009 01:11am):
this map iis too bland

dragoneye776 (03/06/2009 10:33pm):
This is a good map but it allows a loosing player to defend for a long long time by stacking
indirects on his or her island. That makes it very hard to break through even if the winning
player obtains full control of the center.
Meta Rexy (05/27/2009 08:20pm):
This map is very flexible and just the right size for tons of strategy.
I'd say this map deserves its S rank.
9/10. HQ could be moved a bit farther up...
Rast (05/28/2009 09:18pm):
HW still needs to be moved, but FailCakes is fail.
DuelStriker (05/30/2009 04:51pm):
I think the HQ's are fine where they are.
Falconewing (06/15/2009 08:09pm):
Its okay...But it should be A-rank, not S-rank.
Cuz it needs maybe 1 more city for each city.
Rast (07/11/2009 03:44pm):
I'm getting a bit tired of this map -- I think it's time to cut it down to only one league.
Redwall530 (04/06/2010 05:00pm):
(In a zombified voice)

Im_Pro_You_Blow (08/10/2010 05:59pm):
1 rockets can (mostly) solo defend 3/5 cities, and 2 more prevents caps on the other 2....
SmackCakes (11/17/2011 07:27pm):
Rast wrote: "The main problem with this map is it is really hard to take the HQ even after you have an
overwhelming advantage. Please mvoe them to the main island."

I hear that a lot, but It is actually not that difficult to take the HQ if you are willing to sacrifice a few
units to open the bridge. If you truly have an overwhelming advantage then that shouldn't be a
problem. The main problem I see in games where people complain about this, is people don't have any
tanks, so even if they did open the bridge they don't have enough direct units to charge across and
overwhelm the defenders. That is not a problem with the map, it is a problem with people refusing to
take a more aggressive stance, even after they have an advantage. Artillery are good at winning
games, but when it comes to mopping up, tanks are much faster an more efficient.
Rush_FTK (11/27/2011 12:10pm):
Sami is very happy to see this map

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