mane basin
Creator: laughing_corpse || First Published: 03/20/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 30x20
Categories: None
Rating: 8.17 in 6 ratings
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Pyrranha (03/20/2006 12:43pm):
*applause* W00t, an awesome map by L_C. Too bad these AWBW graphix butcher the map,
but that doesn't mean it's not an awesome map!
Budapestkick1956 (03/21/2006 12:07pm):
Nice to see a map from AWnet, these AWBW site maps suck donkey balls.
jhuni (03/27/2006 05:21pm):
laughing_corpse (03/28/2006 12:25pm):
Whats is the '...' about?
Explain yourself.
jenkins (10/18/2006 07:28pm):
S/he, like me, probably resents such trolling. Budapestfellow needs a life.

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