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Cesaro's Island (Design Map by Patashu Mapmule I)
Categories: A-Rank, FFA Multiplay

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Rating: 8.82 in 34 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Patashu (03/26/2006 03:56am):
Why does this map have no comments or ratings, while the ones above me have 3, 3, 5, 6
Mercen4ry (03/26/2006 04:04am):
Because it's a slow night?

Few of the shoals look ackward and the map itself has a balanced, if mildly plain vanilla,
strategic element to it. Looks like generalist COs are order of the day.

8.5 / 10, rounding up.
Kuroro (05/09/2006 10:27am):
I like this map.

No more :)... 10.
Leif-san (05/09/2006 12:08pm):
I'll play in it!
It has a 10!!!!
bakabonest (07/13/2006 04:27pm):
Good, balanced map, I think. May be you can give each country a bit more starting property
to speed up the game a bit. Or, if you don't want to do that, atleast place an infantry on each
team's bases so they don't have to waste a turn making them.

Also, in the middle section, you can think about changing some of those forests to launced
missiles/plains. Otherwise it's going to be ugly in FoW.

The number of neutral properies make sami a bit overpowered. Nonetheless, you get 9/10
from me
jhuni (07/28/2006 11:17pm):
Im suprised by low ratings you speak of 10/10
Nahbien (07/31/2006 09:03am):
JS is missing one city :P
Patashu (08/26/2006 04:12am):
Darn you Nahbeans.
ommi_negro9 (09/06/2006 01:04am):
hmm looks like you gotta make a choice between figthing the county across the water or the
country ova by land
Pyrranha (10/05/2006 08:26pm):
Rigel (10/05/2006 10:21pm):
I don't think Sami's advantage is that big. Neutral cities are usually captured beginning game,
with no super CO powers activated and minimal confrontations, and she captures as fast as
the rest of them if she's not under fire.
Darth Hawke (01/06/2007 08:36am):
It's pretty cool! 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
DuelStriker (07/18/2007 07:26am):
-1 Pointless Ports
-1 FTA
+1 NO choke points
Dragunov14 (04/17/2008 01:44pm):
Looks like a great FFA 10/10
war man gg (05/23/2008 01:47pm):
dont mean to sound like a noob or anything but what does ffa stand for
Last Edited on 06/24/2008 12:20pm
war man gg (06/24/2008 12:21pm):
Oh of course it stands [for free for all] dosen't it
Dragunov14 (06/28/2008 08:44pm):
yeah ;)
Patashu Mapmule I (10/27/2008 02:14am):
dangit jade sky is missing a city
and I can't edit it while people are playing on it
Falconewing (05/18/2009 06:19pm):
DuelStriker (07/18/2007 07:26am):
-1 Pointless Ports
-1 FTA
+1 NO choke points
DuelStriker (06/15/2009 04:52pm):
^ Ha, you're right... my 7/10 still stays as my rating for this map though.
Falconewing (06/15/2009 05:41pm):
Isn't this suppsoed to be team Play? Just my opinion.
Last Edited on 11/09/2009 08:12am
OKELLYSniper (11/10/2009 05:16pm):
Falconewing (05/18/2009 06:19pm):
DuelStriker (07/18/2007 07:26am):
-1 Pointless Ports
-1 FTA
+1 NO choke points
wouldn't it be nine?
Madd Maxx (07/03/2012 03:26pm):
pen (12/22/2012 09:16pm):
Sybray (11/12/2013 04:54am):
needs more naval interference.
pmuch DuelStriker's comment.
Nyvelion (08/02/2014 08:27am):
I know about interference!
Darth Hawke (03/21/2015 02:46am):
"Darth Hawke (01/06/2007 08:36am):
It's pretty cool! 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D"

Oh god, I was 13 when I wrote that.....

It's still a pretty good map, though. I don't know if I would call it a 10 since the map doesn't really do much with
its ports and the corner bases are really close to each other, but I'm not going to be the one to mess up the
beautiful and perfect 9 rating it has.
Nyvelion (07/01/2016 09:57am):
I too, was much younger when I first played on this map... like I was a different person then.
ichbinsehselber (12/07/2016 08:50pm):
the map is quite nice at the start. But when the conflict with the neighbour is over the
map becomes painful.
The bases are too far away from the fronts. This takes away from the mid/end game playing
fun. Moving around dozens of units along the supply path is not so interesting.
FTA counter missing - (7/10) in total from me.
ajisamust (02/07/2017 11:56am):
map seems fun but seeing as i played jade sun and got completely
destroyed by orange star becuase of FTA i have to give it a 7
Manabender (11/16/2017 10:48am):
I would just like to point out, there is a city missing. There should be one at (8,3).

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