Creator: mamoth || First Published: 03/27/2006 || Players: 8 || Size: 39x39
Categories: None
Rating: 8.50 in 42 ratings
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Patashu (03/27/2006 02:46am):
Could use property dispersal (don't clump it all up).
AWDS_Freak (04/03/2006 09:18am):
Nice one, I like how do made the shape of your map.
srstarry (04/12/2006 10:51pm):
love this map....buthowbout abit FTA?
sirfuxalot (07/12/2006 12:57am):
You can assign teams to fix FTA. Otherwise its pretty tough.
Gungan Raider (07/13/2006 06:45pm):
reminds me of chinese checkers.
Aulakauss (07/19/2006 07:56pm):
Oh, come on, people! Only 6.22 in 9 ratings? This should get at least seven by default for
looking so awesome! 9.5/10 (voted 10) -0.5 for possible FTA. Otherwise, this rocks. Good work!
gunner1138 (07/21/2006 07:56am):
Oooooh, Grit heaven. Plenty of roads, and pipes to hide rockets behind.
jhuni (09/10/2006 07:02pm):
Chinese checkers FTW!! Seriously speaking, FTA + center properties =/= awesome
sirfuxalot (09/10/2006 08:55pm):
There's a lot of nasty chokepoints, too many. Also the middle is a big clump of victory
for OS.
invis (11/05/2006 11:41am):
NSEW positions can access center much more easily than other 4...
Nobody (06/06/2007 05:22pm):
this map looks hot O_O
Zanza (06/18/2007 09:45pm):
invis, NSEW positions can only get to the middle easily with mechs and inf. I suppose
it's a little easier, but changing the mountains buy the bases right in front of NWES
positions to pipes, it would make it fair.
airob (01/07/2009 10:11pm):
a map broken for kindle and koal

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