Creator: Evil Lord Canas || First Published: 03/28/2006 || Players: 4 || Size: 20x20
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Rating: 6.35 in 48 ratings
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Evil Lord Canas (03/28/2006 12:16am | Edited: 03/28/2006 01:46am):
Once upon a time in a land where fairies live... screw this. Another Alora map, this time for 4
players, enjoy. Suggestions how to avoid FTA in a 4 player map are welcome =O As you
can see every side has their advantages. Against stalemate it`s possible to get the city of
your fiend but look out: he could also plan to get yours!
Edit: If you want to play this map with teams you should play as OS + YC and BM + GE to
balance things.
Evil Lord Canas (04/09/2006 04:44am):
Who the heck gave me a 1? Would Mr. Downvoter please explain why?
jhuni (04/13/2006 06:45pm | Edited: 11/03/2006 03:11pm):
I admit I gave you a 1/10, because this map is realy boring artillery spamfest heavly
chokepointed, and not much to fight over. Theres no fta fix, and you gave yourself a 10.
Need I go on? In the game we are playing I'm only continuing to play it after I missclicked
with the recon, and all that to be polite as you would beat green and yellow if I left, I'm
screwed anyways though..

Edit: I rate it 6/10 I just rated as a 1 cause you had a 10.
Edit2: Fixed my sucky grammar that I had back then I didn't change the idea of what I was
saying though. I really didn't have a chance from the beginning because the citie-base
ratio made you get 2 artilerys per turn to my 1.
Evil Lord Canas (04/14/2006 03:28am | Edited: 04/14/2006 03:29am):
I gave myself a 10, because a 1 vote without comment is just... crap. I just did it to avoid
Every map can be abused for artillery spam fests, just build recons to crush them => Voila,
you pay 4000 G to crush a 6000 G unit. Chokepoints are not main goal in this game, that`s
why you can try to capture these cities in the middle and you just need some direct units to
win there. To the FTA thingy: I already said in my first comment that I`m open to suggestions
HOW to solve it, just say how you would do it in a 4 player map.
jhuni (04/15/2006 12:59pm | Edited: 11/24/2006 07:14pm):
This map's uber abusive because of it's heavly chokepointed, and artillerys have a much
larger advantage in this map then they orginally have. If you don't understand the city:base
ratio I'm talking about, well it's the fact that you've a city to base ratio of 6:1, which is
perfectly enough to get a artillery out of each base, and it's greatly different in the case of
recons. If the citie to base ratio was 4:1, or something along those lines, then recons could
have a much more of a chance, but they still wouldn't be able to break those chokepoints.
So essentially what I'm describing is that you need to add another base, or remove a citie
to the natural situation that ocurs, with a 6:1 city to base ratio.
→Fixed gramar, but didn't change the overall idea.
Evil Lord Canas (04/15/2006 02:13pm | Edited: 04/15/2006 02:14pm):
Kay, gonna add one more base or I just change the cities in the middle to neutral, this should
do the job. After our current match I`ll make these changes, thanks for your comment =)
oomouwmouw (06/01/2006 06:35pm):
just widen the crossings... (or put airports in the middle.
godnick (06/08/2006 12:03pm):
koal will have some fun on this map
DrunkenSniper (07/29/2006 06:43am):

Not really.

Hawke gets +10% on everything in the first place. What makes Koal so special with the road
Kody (08/21/2006 10:02am):
It Sucks. Not really that enjoyable. Plus Artillary and Rockets ruin the purpose.
Deez (09/07/2006 07:42pm):
If Artillary and rockets ruin the game, just ban them if you wana play on this. :P I'll keep this
map in mind, it looks fun!
jhuni (09/28/2006 03:32pm | Edited: 11/24/2006 07:15pm):
This map doesnt suck and he fixed pure artilery abuse now after you capture your four
natural cities you will be getting 11,000$ per turn which means you can't pump 2 artilerys a
turn and abuse the chokepoints. The choke points are still pretty abusive but much much
less then before, and if you have personaly dont like artillerys as Deez said ban them.
jhuni (10/10/2006 01:47pm | Edited: 11/24/2006 07:07pm):
This post was posted on the wrong map. It's content has been removed.
Pedro The Lion (06/30/2007 12:15am | Edited: 06/30/2007 12:15am):
you could change the neutral cities to missiles in the middle, that would kill off some artillery
power, if they aren't banned that is
jhuni (07/13/2007 06:49pm):
For the FFA FTA you can give GE + YC infantries and swap YC with BM.
joeywashere (12/20/2007 10:13pm):
u shud put mor e stuff to fight over
Ardax (12/27/2007 01:52pm):
This is a nice map, i wish there were more things like bases or something....
blanci1 (06/24/2008 09:31am):
im trying this map with the following broken CO suggestions: OS kanbei, YS grit, GE hachi,
BM colin or sensei
Zinco (07/06/2008 12:15am):
Great MAP, i'm playing on this as GE with Sami & Eagle and that was very good, yes,
artillery gave me a headache, but with 3 tanks and a MD tank I overruned OS.
Meta Rexy (10/02/2008 06:16pm):
6/10. Needs moar balance.
WIDEN THOSE BRIDGES. The artillery is a very powerful unit, dealing heavy or reasonable
damage to many units but cheaper than a tank, and a map like this only makes it worse.
Put something like a comm tower in the middle. No incentive to go to the middle.
Make the terrain more varied, and the roads less straight. though this map's based on a
river, get rid of the chokepointy river. :P
Falconewing (08/09/2009 06:41pm):
bad map needs changes
Flawed Logic (11/03/2009 05:26pm):
Time has caught up with this one. badly
wareagle (06/10/2011 06:03pm):
The maps age is showing badly now. There's no turn counter, there's big fund advantage
and it's chokey.
Nyvelion (10/10/2012 06:15am):
Uncharted 2᎓ Among Tiers (01/02/2021 02:28pm):

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