I've got your back!
Creator: bomber army man || First Published: 03/28/2006 || Players: 4 || Size: 20x20
Categories: None
Rating: 7.00 in 5 ratings
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bomber army man (03/28/2006 04:44pm):
Hey everyone! This map is designed with one thing in mind: Defending your teammates HQ at
all costs! Also, you can break the pipe seams to lend your teammate a hand if they are in
trouble. The missle silo serves a double purpose: Bringing the fighting together, and allowing
access from one side of the map to the other. Any comments would be greatly appreciates, I
would like to make this map better.
dagamer1989 (03/28/2006 04:59pm):
I approve of this map. Can't think of anything to improve this map.
bomber army man (03/28/2006 05:11pm):
Hahaha, thanks dagamer!
RockmanX_Zero (03/28/2006 05:25pm):
Hmm...perhaps too many neutral bases? You should replace some of them with cities,
otherwise the battle's going to turn into an infantry spam fest...and .the center bases are too
close to each other, you should spread them apart, else the country who moves first will
always take them. As for airports, you only need one for each country, only one will be
used anyway with this much funds... Otherwise, great map, 8/10
voltcs (03/28/2006 05:47pm):
So far, pretty good map that requires teamwork. Nice job, UNLIKE SOME OTHER GUY WHO
golden_cow2 (03/28/2006 06:40pm):
Like someone said before, spread out the production facilities and get rid of some airports.
A good Base to Airport ration would be 2:1, imo. I know you like bombers, but there isn't
enough funds to produce from all those airports.

The map is also off center, putting the countries at the right at a disadvantage. You don't
need to put HQs in corners. Move all the HQs so there is even spacing and just cut off the
excess area with sea or pipes.

Finally, the missile reward in the center is really crappy. Put a missile to the left and right of
bomber army man (03/28/2006 07:28pm):
Man, I've never gotten this many comments before! Thanks everyone!

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