1 v 1 Large Map
Creator: Chaos-Creator || First Published: 01/04/2007 || Players: 2 || Size: 35x35
Categories: None
Rating: 7.75 in 4 ratings
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Valet of Vitriol (01/04/2007 08:31pm):
...imitation of WHAT, exactly... ... ... ...=0.0= AAAH ITS STARING AT ME

I'd like to say it's base-heavy, but they're all so far apart that it doesn't matter. Replace the
bases by the ports with cities anyway.

'Needs more reefs.
taru (10/30/2007 12:13am):
should to be able to capture CQ.
Chaos-Creator (01/21/2008 08:51pm):
After I made the map, it reminded me of a monkey... Lol, it may just be me, but whatever. I
made HQs capturable. And for the bases by the ports... Which ports >_>.
Chaos-Creator (01/21/2008 08:57pm):
I think suggested funds should be above 1000. It would make the ports a little more useful.
Nyvelion (04/26/2012 04:39pm):
I agree. Funds should be 1009.

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