Shin Sen Sluice
Creator: pressaltf4 || First Published: 04/19/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 19x19
Categories: None
Rating: 8.40 in 30 ratings
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Nahbien (04/20/2006 05:45am):
Nice map. 10/10. Can't see any obvious problems :)
spankyman (05/03/2006 11:45pm):
yellow has 1 xtra city?
good map.
Nahbien (05/05/2006 08:26pm):
Yellow also goes second in a symetrical map. There is a reason for the extra city.
Linkman145 (05/21/2006 12:23pm):
Which is a pretty lame reason. We had no FTA shenanigans in my time, no sir! >_>

Still, very ingenuous map. Go altie.
Lord Wallace (05/29/2006 09:07am):
I felt it needed a base in the middle. Otherwise taking it seemed useless really. One
right in between the trees. This would mean the person on the assault who taken that isn't
too spread out.
Deoxy Knight (06/09/2006 06:52pm):
I agree with Wallace
pressaltf4 (06/22/2006 04:12pm):
I tried that once, but it merely lead to a shitload of infantry spamming. While the map is
slightly spammy already, adding another base in anywhere just fucks the entire thing to
jhuni (10/08/2006 01:07pm):
Middle bases are sami slated anyways 10/10
felix45 (12/09/2006 03:30pm | Edited: 12/09/2006 08:39pm):
map analysis shows YC losing a bit more than GE, but that could be due to early tests. if it
isn't, I suggest giving YC a starting infantry and getting rid of the city, or giving YC another
city to start with.

other than that, it seems to be fine.

edit: actually thanks to APC glitch you could fix FTA by making the airport for YC 1 more spot
to the east or south, that way YC could get their base faster.
Riukken (06/21/2007 05:27pm | Edited: 06/21/2007 05:27pm):
+2 Good terrain variety.
+1 Some minor chokepoints, add some more shoals to counter that.
+1 FTA counter.
rayne92 (07/21/2007 06:06am):
Very nice map 10/10
DuelStriker (08/16/2007 09:31am):
Meh, I've seen better.
adder 85 (09/12/2007 09:15pm | Edited: 09/12/2007 09:15pm):
It seems like whenever duelstriker votes, you can safely say the map is quite the opposite
=P (no offense, striker). This is "full of win" (As i see it put). 9/10.
DuelStriker (09/19/2007 05:56pm | Edited: 09/19/2007 05:56pm):
I don't like it is all... I gave it a 6/10. For some maps, I just don't get what everyone else sees
in them....
Hemskinator (11/30/2007 11:32pm):
Its a great league map for sure.. There's alot of cities and bases, but it won't produce
enough funds for a 20000+ unit within 1 turn.
rast2 (07/11/2008 04:40pm):
This map is full of fail.

A single pre-owned city (which will be captured within 4 turns) does not counter FTA,
especially when each side is starting with a ton of cities anyway. Let's see, which is
A: going first with 6k income and 2 factories and an airport and you'll get your third factory
B: going second with 7k income and 2 factories and an airport and you'll be a half-turn
behind the entire game?

If you chose B, you're a moron who shouldn't be voting for anything.

1/10 to make up for all the idiots who voted 9/10 (in reality its like a 3/10)
rast2 (07/11/2008 04:46pm):
PS: Even if they FTA was fixed (turn all cities and airports neutral, place YC infantry on
northern factory), this map isn't anything special. This site already has 1000 symmetrical
maps with FTA counters, and at least half of those are better than this.
Dhomochevsky (01/28/2009 07:10am | Edited: 01/28/2009 07:11am):
This is a very challenging map to play on, because both sides main bases are a long way
from the front line, meaning that you have to plan ahead (which is hard), and the nature of
the chokey islands and outskirts means that units can get isolated (e.g. the top righ and
bottom left corners), making precise unit utilisation and deployment plus planning
reinforcements very important. This is good and makes games here different from most other
maps that i've played on. I can see why people wouldn't like playing on it though as games
can be stressful because you have to think! I wouldn't want a lot of games on here, but that
doesn't stop it being a good map.

Not sure about FTA counter, but the games i played were as YC and I won both (and
against good opposition so it wasn't that they couldn't play well). Debateably YC needs an

high rating/10
drawnm (02/22/2010 01:39am):
According to the statistics on this map, this is perfectly balanced, so 10/10.
Nyvelion (02/17/2012 04:45pm | Edited: 02/17/2012 04:45pm):
This map should be A-Rank. Maybe S-Rank?

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