Axis and Allies
Creator: spankyman || First Published: 04/30/2006 || Players: 5 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 7.08 in 26 ratings
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spankyman (04/30/2006 10:06pm | Edited: 04/30/2006 10:06pm):
This is WWII. The copters represent attack planes.
Make sure to ban the big tanks, missiles, rockets (I know they had rockets in WWII), etc.
This is 3 on 2. I may not have it balanced right, but the Axis should be able to grab cities
quickly. If not I'll add units.
bardog (05/01/2006 12:07am):
...did you even count the teams fairly!?
Commissar Yarrick (05/01/2006 02:28am):
GS dosen't strt with any units because ther are all BH units.
golden_cow2 (05/01/2006 05:54am):
Ababy (05/04/2006 12:12am | Edited: 05/04/2006 12:13am):
Right, just some WW2 accuracy for you now. The Germans NEVER CONTROLLED EGYPT
NOR THE MIDDLE EAST. Brazil was a noticible allied country (put some green cities there).
The Americans should not have an airport and seaport on "Hawaii", it should be neutral to
represent the first strike Japan gets. Oh, speaking of which, the Axis powers should go
first. You can't have America striking Japan before they strike Hawaii now, can you?

Give Russia less funds and take away their port, because in the war they were basically
spamming their massive amounts of infantry and tanks to stall against the Germans. Finally,
make sure that Germany and Japan will win if they manage to conquer Russia. That's how
important Russia was to WW2. If the Germans and Japanese got it, the rest of Asia was
practically theirs.

Port Moresby (in New Guinea) was the key component to the Japnese invasion of Australia.
Make sure you can show a struggle there for a British port.
spankyman (05/07/2006 10:51pm):
Good comments thanks. I will adjust the turn order next revision.
Hawaii did have some large military bases, thus the port.
It's hard without carriers... so I threw in an airport there.
I will push the germans in arrica over to the Tripoli area.
And good comment on new guinea.
I'm running one test game, I'll make the tweaks after that.

Pyrranha (05/22/2006 12:14pm):
Damn, this is one cool-looking map.
spankyman (11/25/2006 11:22pm):
Ok . I finally got to this. Turn order is right. The units have cut way back. Allies have a
production advantage, but if axis can crush russia, allies are toast.
This is a tricky map! so comments are welcome.
lordliam (05/30/2008 08:57pm):
what's that poor GE infantry on australia going to do without any ports, airports or cities to
ChocolateVodka (12/14/2008 03:13am):
In the board game I don't think that the British had a factory in Australia, nor was did
the US have a factory in S. America (making it was to easy and un-contested for that extra
money). Maybe if they had to ship troops down there to cap those cities it would be
better, but just building a factory right there makes it way to easy for them.
Einhar (01/22/2009 05:27pm):
What happened to france? France had at least Algeria.
WesWeasley (01/24/2009 10:20pm):
France signed peace with Germany and then on became known as Vichy France, basically under
indirect German control.
If one wanted to represent Free France, then the neutral city in Western Africa would be it.
alasor31 (10/11/2009 09:04pm):
I Love This map it looks so cool!!!!!

Eagle striker 53 (10/24/2009 07:09pm):

both the map and board game
supersnipe64 (09/02/2011 06:59pm):
Pretty sweet.
ponderfly (12/02/2011 02:47am):
Team Game A team 3players VS B team 2 players

A team income more than B team

pen (03/18/2012 10:14pm):
Australia needs a port, and Indonesia needs an airport.
the-deadly-shadow (10/17/2013 10:14am):
despite that the world has changed (something happened to Europe and the Himalaya and the
rest of east asia) and it might not be historically correct, I think it is a fair map.
spankyman (12/03/2013 12:16am):
I'm back after um 7 years. With fresh eyes, it looks like I should get rid of that factory in S America. Thoughts?
Nyvelion (02/09/2014 11:04pm):
I hate that factory, eliminate it!
Fascelli (08/10/2015 10:55pm):
You know Italy was also an Axis Power...
Dann157 (08/20/2015 11:31am):
why cant i move

Surto (01/26/2020 12:16pm):
Epic game setup: No CO bans, don't enable teams.
Everyone will work on 'their' side until someone quits or dies, then it descends into hilarious FFA chaos.
Surto (02/11/2020 11:28am | Edited: 02/11/2020 04:36pm):
Hohoho, this is probably amongst the least sane games I have played.
It was supposed to be Britain (me), America, & Russia VS Germany & Japan, but host forgot to put our side on the same
team, so we had to cooperate against Germany and Japan without vision of each other. Germany put heavy pressure on
Russia early on, Russia said it was holding on, but I always imagined it was on the verge of extinction. Japan claimed my
base in south-asia. Looking back, these were just minor losses.

The host had allowed any COs, so I and Russia picked Sensei, US and Germany chose Colin, and poor Japan picked Andy.
It was sort of obvious from the start that the Axis were going to lose sooner or later in this game, and the deciding blow was
when I surprise-swarmed Spain early on with 10 Mechs. BM and YC left, and so what happened when that power-vacuum
appeared? We declared war on each other, of course!

Now there was Britain, Russia and America left. Since I had 10 mechs in Spain, a foothold in Scandinavia and a submerged
submarine waiting to park on Russia's only port, it was no surprise I would very quickly capture Europe. Since I still had
many soldiers in North-africa which were waiting to be shipped to Europe, I sent those to the mid-east instead. In the
confusion, I backstabbed USA and quickly grabbed those islands above Australia.

I had a large income, and a large territory. The British Empire spanned across Britain, Europe, Africa and Oceania. It was
unclear which advatanges everyone had in the start, but the doubts would slowly be cleared as the game went on. For me, I
learned that I had troubles dealing with the 50-Unit limit, with me having so many different fronts to fight on. These were
Europe, the Pacific, the Atlantic, and soon I would realise that Africa was targeted by South-america, which I had ignored up
til then.

Sensei had some nifty powers which changed the game. Transports had +1 movement range, Copters and Infantry were
really strong, but all other units had -10%. That wasn't much of a problem though, since the other players were Sensei and
Colin. My COP did conflict with the unit limit, and I learned that it targeted the northern cities first, and the southern ones
last. This meant that between me and Russia's alternating powers, Europe was a turbolous battlefield. It was still in my favor

I scored some early victories, managing to retake my sovereign base in south-america and holding very, very well against
Russia. My main fronts were then Europe and the Pacific. But I realised that cracks were popping up everywhere. British
Imperial Democracy was threatened by the United States of America. First I noticed their fleets amassing to threaten
Britannica, but I did not mind. I knew they could never get past my defenses. But then I was starting to struggle in Asia, and
then my survey fleet noticed that they were amassing an army by South-america as well, and this was bad because I had
neither ports in Africa.

Battleships, Cruisers, Fighters, Stealthcraft, Bombers and Megatanks. Even if I concentrated all my funds on one spot, I'm
sure I would have trouble matching America's overwhelming might. It was then it dawned upon me.. this was the true power
of Colin: Banking. He would save money, use his COP, save more money, use it again, ad infinitum.

As for Russia, it seemed to be having a harder and harder time as it went on. It spammed its COP instead of saving for its
SCOP, which caused its CO Bar to quickly build veery slowly. It had the lowest income and territory of us all, I always thought
it was suspicious how little heart it put into the European front, but I had learned how grim Asia was looking. So, with us being
the weaker powers (altough I seemed the strongest because of my size), I tried to negotiate with Russia.

Alistel (05/27/2020 03:55pm):

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