Sky City
Creator: SmackCakes || First Published: 05/12/2008 || Players: 2 || Size: 40x18
Categories: Toy-Box
Rating: 8.35 in 68 ratings
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SmackCakes (05/12/2008 11:43am):
Just a little something I knocked up. I suggest random weather settings ;)
Glenstorm (05/12/2008 01:04pm | Edited: 05/12/2008 01:04pm):
1/10 OS FTA
ChurKirby (05/12/2008 01:22pm):
We have sky tiles now? o.O

Why was I not informed of this? >_>
Shini Laser (05/12/2008 01:54pm):
We don't. (At least, from what I see)
RedlineM206 (05/12/2008 02:08pm):
How the hell?
felix45 (05/12/2008 02:20pm):
haha that is cooool
SmackCakes (05/12/2008 02:27pm | Edited: 05/15/2008 01:58pm):
lol OS might have some FTA, I tried to reduce it by putting all the fighters on one side,
the pipe runners tend to slow the advance so both sides have a chance to size up. and
seeing as there aren't any central properties FTA isn't such a big issue.

As it turns out BM has won all 4 of the first 4 games so far. Which might not prove much
but I think it does show that OS doesn't win every game (in fact they haven't won at all yet!)

nerd-boy (05/12/2008 02:34pm | Edited: 05/12/2008 03:07pm):
This is why we need a wtf category for maps.

also, needs more APCs.

also: what's with the whole "map_id=12204"?
Ducky (05/12/2008 07:08pm):
Lol @ hax
Heartless rockzorz (05/12/2008 07:38pm):
Smacky is probably just helping with the testing of this kind of tile.
DuelStriker (05/12/2008 07:42pm):
Ducky (05/12/2008 07:08pm):
Lol @ hax

SandSkin (05/12/2008 08:06pm):
Thats cool. Sky battles are now enabled. 10/10 OS may have FTA but the new design is cool.
amthc356 (05/12/2008 08:44pm):
does this map's category bug anyone else?
nerd-boy (05/12/2008 09:24pm):
Yeah, a bit.

/sets to Toy Box.
Ducky (05/12/2008 09:51pm):
Ducky (05/12/2008 07:08pm):
Lol @ hax


I considered mentioning that I went to the design maps section and created a new map just
to see if these tles were there but they weren't but I decided that would be a better comment.
AMajor (05/12/2008 10:02pm):
W-wow. But how?
BadFurDay (05/13/2008 01:51am):
Everzwijn (05/13/2008 09:12am):
Bid2782 (05/13/2008 11:43am):
great great great great great
FunkyChunk (05/13/2008 01:40pm):
At the very least, those single pipes should be available to the public. Those are just sexy.
SandSkin (05/13/2008 05:13pm):
Ahhh the rain looks absolutely amazing!
Mr. Snack (05/18/2008 03:00am):
A few of the bombers should have been made into different because seriously, 4 is overkill
for just a few land units and after that they're expensive meatshields
nirial1991 (05/31/2008 11:35pm):
I'd simply love to know how this was accomplished.

felix45 (06/01/2008 05:20pm):
I'd say add another APC or two, doesn't actually matter where they are, there just needs
to be more.
Harti1990 (06/02/2008 03:09pm):
It is a pity that you need to upload a complete picture of the map to the server, so
nobody without the right connections seems to be able to do something like that... :(

As SandSkin already stated, the weather changes look very, very great.
This is so epic.

PS: It would have been very cool if you had screencaptured the road and pipe tiles
(instead of creating new ones) to confuse everybody a bit more.

PPS: As the only way I see is to create a map with roads, water and pipes, and then
replace the picture on the server by another one, it very likely IS hax, DS... so YOU fail. :p

zywxn (06/17/2008 05:22am):
did u use awm to make this or sth?
LarzAluphe (08/25/2008 11:52pm):
and how?
Super_Jesus (12/31/2008 01:06pm):
cole35 (01/18/2009 10:30am):
how dddddid you make! that aw so pretty
SilentSaber (01/19/2009 02:14am):
Winning on this map feels great.
Sivarticus2 (03/07/2009 09:58pm):

Armageddon07 (03/12/2009 03:25pm):
airob (04/21/2009 04:08pm):
massive!!!!!...i want more maps like this one!!!!!
waylonman (05/11/2009 02:54pm):
needs more apcs. please! ottherwise great alot of fun 9/10
Armageddon07 (05/13/2009 07:04am):
Holy Awesomeness!! i just activated Draks SCP on your map, and the design changed to
such a cool design that my day is complete!!!! lol 10
Eligitine (07/25/2009 01:40pm):
10/10 for the sky tiles
and the center
Epic win

blankets (08/04/2009 03:22pm):
Falconewing (08/25/2009 10:27pm | Edited: 08/27/2009 09:56pm):
Bespin...if you fall off what happens/the gravity keeps u in...
Eagle striker 53 (09/10/2009 07:49pm):
Dang, it does look like Bespin.
altzan (10/23/2009 02:51pm):
Lol, I found out how this worked ingame when I hit "screenshot".
If everyone could do this... it'd open some awesome possibilities ;P
scout ian 95 cs dota (11/20/2009 07:20am):
admin abuse / 10
Riem6894 (11/22/2009 01:57am):
Darth Hawke (12/09/2009 07:47pm):
scout ian 95 cs dota (11/20/2009 07:20am):
admin abuse / 10

You don't even know about sulla, so be quiet.
PepeB (06/16/2010 11:43am):
So awesome!!
GreyMario (06/20/2010 07:12pm):
Stop teasing us/10
Sleep (07/05/2010 12:17pm):
I don't understand why everyone's freaking out about this map... it's just planes over water with
pipes in the water?

They're rambling about tiles? Did I miss something?
tst5383 (08/05/2010 08:35am):
Sky City... It has lost her beauty... for once.
Sleep (08/12/2010 08:04pm):

Please make this permanent.
amthc356 (09/21/2010 02:38pm):
^it should be permanent. If it really was using standard AW tiles, it was just a temporary
bug. Also, check it out in rain and snow if you haven't already.
matchet (01/16/2013 12:10am):
I really need a tutorial about how to do such beauty map
Charleslie (04/09/2013 09:00pm):
For those curious...
Here's it is in rain:
and here it is in snow:
Daehphone (04/27/2013 11:50am):
Matchet, to make a map like this, you need access to the image database.
Bamboozle (07/26/2016 04:30am):
It's broken :o

It's gone... one of the 7 wonders of the AWBW world is gone
Jackie Milton (06/12/2017 09:51am):
Maybe there is hope... to restore this site to glory...

Hanzhe^4 (07/10/2017 01:49pm):
PWNHAMMER247 (05/22/2018 05:26pm):
maybe add an airport or 3 and some bases
supreee (11/12/2018 02:11pm):

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