4P - Immigration (Light)
Creator: el_B || First Published: 05/08/2006 || Players: 4 || Size: 31x31
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 9.06 in 33 ratings
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el_B (05/08/2006 11:07am | Edited: 05/08/2006 11:12am):
Everyone's favourite (and poor) Infantry men are back. They're still lost on a small
island with nothing but a T-Copter, but this time, however, they are only four.
This is yet another map of the Immigration series, this time featuring a slightly smaller
map with only four players. It's been some time since I made the last one (the Islands
one), but you'll recognize it's similarity to the aforementioned Islands one.
- Still Land- and Sea-Battle.
- Amount of land increased compared to Immigration/Islands.
- An inner and an outer circle, both fully connected.
- Uncaptureable HQs.
- A central harbour.
- 68 cities, 16 bases, 16 ports, 4 HQs, 100 (104) properties in total.
- A map that works ffa or 2vs2.
- A map that enjoys FoW.
- Basically the same stuff as before.

CO Bans?
Drake, Grit, Hachi, Colin, decide yourself.

If you want to play this map with a capture limit, feel free to do so. (Around 52 seems to
be a nice number for longer games)
Have fun.

Oh, and don't say something like "Huge fta in the center". The center area is meant to be
like that, it's a risk if you let your Infantry go there, it shouldn't be too appealing
at the beginning of the game anyway.
2i (05/08/2006 12:12pm):
This'll be fun with FOW.
Codym (05/08/2006 12:13pm):
Huge F...never mind.
Mr. Cannon (05/12/2006 10:40am):
this is going to be a long battle. but a fun one.
MayhemMessiah (05/12/2006 04:32pm):
You never cease to mind-boggle the masses. This map will be the hardest at the begining
jhuni (08/13/2006 04:02pm | Edited: 08/13/2006 04:02pm):
Map should probaly be more land connected IMO 10/10 though cause immigration maps
are just good
octagonman (06/28/2007 05:02pm):
Ok everyone, this is my first game outside of the GBA/DS versions, can anyone tell me how
to work this site? Im very confused cause I cant figure out how to run this website. Im
gonna go ahead and assume that once it's my turn in the game, I can go ahead and move my

But how come no one else's units have moved yet if this game has already started. Someone
please explain things to me and sorry for all the newbishness.
PetGhost (09/30/2007 06:22pm):
This is awesome.
zywxn (04/11/2008 06:18am):
This is great and your genius in the center of the map is wonderful!
Madd Maxx (02/19/2015 05:12am):
nice map 10/10
ichbinsehselber (06/29/2016 10:34am):
The map is good.
It still has 2 problems:
1. FTA
2. The usual problems of FFA maps is a bit increased here. The players can decide where to
move. If as a player you are unlucky your neighours extend towards you and you got a two
front fight pretty early. On the other hand you could be lucky and get a stretch of land
on your own...

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