Bos bij een Meertje
Creator: peter91 || First Published: 06/13/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 30x20
Categories: None
Rating: 6.66 in 29 ratings
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Nahbien (06/14/2006 10:26am):
you forgot a shoal near the southern neutral base.
peter91 (06/14/2006 10:49am | Edited: 06/16/2006 03:11am):
Ok, I'll edit as soon as possible.

EDIT: ok, I put in the shoal.
gunner1138 (06/21/2006 05:55am):
Cool. Nice map.
Where no one knows (08/01/2006 07:48am):
I've never Liked the city FTA counte,r ut this seems worse. It takes OS 4 turns to take the
building, giving BM 3000 extra income for the first, that could be quite an asset so early
peter91 (08/01/2006 12:01pm):
Its half a days income and that's the whole idea
jhuni (10/15/2006 01:52am):
craves better fta balance... another citie for bm un...
Sylux (10/28/2006 05:52pm):
10/10, just because it's really underrated.
power_engine (10/28/2006 07:02pm):
jhuni (10/28/2006 07:02pm):
It is underated truth
jhuni (10/28/2006 07:03pm | Edited: 10/28/2006 07:04pm):
damn double post: but why is it I'm posting so many posts at the same time as others now?
peter91 (12/09/2006 12:13pm):
Ok, I've edited it: I put in an extra city for BM.
Riukken (06/14/2007 05:50am):
+2 Good terrain variety.
+2 No chokepoints.
You did the FTA counter, twice. Once in the middle of the map and another by OS's HQ.
nerd-boy (06/19/2007 06:18pm):
That was intentional. This map looks like it's really good (though I've never played on
it). As of now, it gets a 9/10 for reasons Riukken said. If something else arises that
would give it that extra point, you've got it.
SmackCakes (09/02/2007 01:50am):
I've actually started to think BM is quite advantaged here. It's pretty difficult for OS
to uncapture the BM city in the middle, especially with two enemy bases so close and BM
able to build a tank on day one. I think it would be very easy for BM to end up with both
middle cities. BM also has kind of an advantage getting their port because OS is obligated
to head backwards from the HQ on day 2 rather than expand.
lindsay40k (09/16/2007 09:28am):
Those twin ports that act as channels to get tot he NE and SW corners... It'd be
interesting to put ghost units on them.
DuelStriker (11/20/2007 08:10pm):
OS still has FTA on this map. They can stop BM from taking that port near thier HQ easily
with an early recon.

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