1 vs 1 by ZLoM
Creator: ZLoM || First Published: 06/26/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 30x30
Categories: None
Rating: 6.18 in 28 ratings
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ZLoM (06/26/2006 04:21pm):
Woot my first map made!
Nahbien (06/26/2006 04:22pm):
Needs many less bases, especially central ones which OS can abuse Tcopters and FTA to grab
brandon_ridgway35 (06/26/2006 04:44pm):
It's Awesome!
Thefishdude (06/26/2006 05:55pm):
Add a few more scattered properties and fix the terrain a little bit so it looks better.
CEpeep (06/26/2006 08:48pm):
Nahbien: how would that be "abusing" Tcopters? As far as I know, that's pretty much their
central purpose.
sportzfan0110 (06/27/2006 07:35am):
great map, but there are WAY to many trees... 7/10
Deoxy Knight (06/28/2006 01:12am):
A FOW player's dream... 7/10
dboy (06/29/2006 08:20pm):
what a mess!
Talan_Lysander (07/02/2006 11:00am):

As if the FTA is enough for OS to grab both middle bases!
Seriously, people exaggerate so much about this damn first turn advantage! This map is
huge, just how much could the effect of FTA be?
caboose_retard_of_blue_team (07/02/2006 04:15pm):
its not a bad map but the game would drag on for a very long time unless you set it to
capture or something, maybe you could remake this map but not that big, for a 1v1 people
usually like to stick to smaller maps 7/10
monkey66 (07/04/2006 03:06pm):
Terrain looks pretty restricting for tanks, which might draw out the game. Pretty good
Bowwy (07/06/2006 02:41pm):
WAY too big....Decrease size, The only thing holding it Back IMO. 5/10
Luxman (07/13/2006 09:24am):

ZLoM (07/16/2006 10:35am):
After some thoughts/comments on my map there are a few things I'm going to make some
change on it as soon as the games finnish up on it. Namely better place/remove air ports to
make planes less dominate on the map, I'll change around some terrain to take away some
choke points and will cut down alot of forests.
jhuni (07/31/2006 01:03am | Edited: 07/31/2006 01:03am):
Fix the balance issues not the "air ports to make planes less dominate on the map" thing.
ZLoM (12/14/2006 09:27pm):
3 months later...
Ok did some editing to the map, including mass reduction of forests, 2 less airports, 2 new
comm towers, added and moved terrain.
Please Enjoy. :)
EchelonThree (02/28/2008 02:54am):
There's still FTA here, OS can seize a corner base and barricade the other...

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