Tanabata R
Creator: ajitak || First Published: 09/07/2005 || Players: 2 || Size: 40x24
Categories: None
Rating: 7.30 in 10 ratings
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ajitak (07/12/2005 11:46am):
The concept of this map takes over that of "Star Islands."
You'd better play in Fog mode.

How to defend your HQ and cities? How to snatch foe's instalations?
Hide your landers or Tcopters to carry infantries backyard of foe's islands.
And fight in the middle areas with all your strength.

Sami, Sonja, Hachi, Grit, Eagle, Colin... you can play with various COs in your favorite style.
Dullahan (07/13/2005 12:02am):
Great design! :-)
The only recommendation I have is to put a few mountains on the occupied center islands
for better vision during FOW. Otherwise, great map.
Raz Takasha (07/18/2005 01:35pm):
I rated it a 7, would give it a 9, but I have a few complaints. There are too many bases!
Remove the bases on all islands but each countries two big isles (and remove the airports
from the big islands), and we'll be rolling. Air is just going to dominate sea use in
this map.
(07/21/2005 06:41am):
Dr. Disco (08/31/2006 09:50pm):

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