Creator: ajitak || First Published: 09/07/2005 || Players: 3 || Size: 30x30
Categories: None
Rating: 8.05 in 41 ratings
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ajitak (07/14/2005 10:10am):
I just want a fair 3p map, and try to be interesting in both FOW and non-FOW mode.

In FOW mode, be aware of infantries crossing rivers, coming by landers or Tcopt.
in non-FOW mode, this map may puzzle you with deployment distribution of land war and
center island war.
Dullahan (07/15/2005 02:18pm):
Very creative ideas - good map :-)
I like how you're restricted to land units defending your HQ while all three types of
units are used for attacking. Great concept!
(08/27/2005 06:35pm):
Reminds me of Halo... Teh Halo ring.

Overall I like it, 8/10
Nahbien (10/31/2005 11:38pm):
Perhaps remove the shoal on the right side of the map so ships can pass through like on
the left? Other than that, great map! 9/10
LuminescentSword (12/31/2005 06:23pm):
It's a very good map, very balanced. My only real complaint is how the rivers look, but
that's it.

mountainwindcat (03/03/2006 01:00pm):
I like it too, again, same comment on the rivers, surely there is a way to make them look more
natural. 9/10
spyke (03/13/2006 07:10pm):
I like it, but am I looking at the same map you guys are?
OS has a base thats completely on its own!
ShadowedTruths7 (03/17/2006 06:07pm):
spyke (03/13/2006 10:10pm):
I like it, but am I looking at the same map you guys are?
OS has a base thats completely on its own!

... all teams have a base on the piece of land opposite of them

jhuni (08/19/2006 04:13pm):
Killerdragon (08/27/2006 11:03am):
I think he meant that the OS base is more isolated looking cause the rivers aren't
diagonol, but go completely through. But I don't think that matters right?
Dr. Disco (08/30/2006 10:43pm):
Yeah, I think it's fine(the OS river thing), but I'm not sure...
Rockoe10 (06/25/2012 01:53am | Edited: 06/25/2012 01:53am):
The rivers don't look natural, but it keeps it balanced for move spaces. Its very
tough to make a balanced 1v1v1 map and I think this one is pretty dang close to
being balanced. Good work on the map and great concept. OS is at a
disadvantage for capturing a few of the bases (Too many moves away compared
to the others), but all in all great job.


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