Coast City Divide 2
Creator: Sylux || First Published: 07/08/2006 || Players: 4 || Size: 25x25
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Rating: 8.00 in 7 ratings
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Sylux (07/08/2006 10:14pm | Edited: 10/31/2006 03:00pm):
OS + YC vs BM + GE

This map was inspired by Omen Alexander's map Coast City Divide:
Nahbien (07/08/2006 10:40pm):
Since the teams are split up, you want want to balance the sides individually, ie give
something to BM and YC :)
Sylux (07/08/2006 10:48pm):
I was thinking about that, but I thought it wasn't needed since OS was on YC's team evening
it out...

I'll add it once the game ends.
Sylux (08/21/2006 01:18pm):
Oh, and you can also play FFA if you want.
Giantkrow (09/08/2006 05:42pm):
I'd rid of the airport. It's just not Coast City divide with it there.
Pyrranha (10/11/2006 12:29pm):
I agree with the above statement.
Sylux (10/15/2006 06:17pm):
Alright, I'll remove it once the game on it is completed.
Sylux (10/31/2006 03:00pm):
Ok, done.
Nyvelion (04/23/2014 09:04pm):
You're never done!

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