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Dutch Railroads (Design Map by Talan_Lysander)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 7.47 in 19 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Talan_Lysander (07/10/2006 03:47pm):
One day, I looked at our national railroad logo, and I decided to make a map from it.

Edit 3/27/2013: The map received a massive overhaul. Neutral bases are much
closer to their respective players, an extra airport was added to each side and the HQ's
moved to the middle to give a sense of urgency to move out quickly.
I also connected both sides through the bridge in the middle, it should prevent excessive
choking by virtue of allowing more ways to attack.

Edit 1/12/2018: Changed the map once again. The map had a tendency to get clogged
with infantry, so I removed the neutral bases. I also slightly moved the west/east airports to
have them be closer to the the front that the other airport doesn't cover.
Last Edited on 01/12/2018 01:52pm
Deoxy Knight (07/11/2006 02:58am):
I think it's kind of reef heavy, espicially in the middle. I never liked an extra city for BM to be
anti-FTA, I always thought infantry worked a lot better. But, that's just me. It's also kinda

All in all, a pretty good map. 7/10
mr. Noobie (07/11/2006 04:15am):
whahaha lol, I give a 10 just because of the NS-association...
Gorgapor (07/11/2006 08:39am):
neat map. i do however agree that it's reef-heavy. also, i don't find 2 cities a very compelling
reason to travel out to the corner islands. and, of course, ban grit. 7/10 as well.
tobr (07/11/2006 10:19am):
nice logo, but the service of NS is horrid. That aside it is a nice map but it isn't good to road
vehicles 7/10
Nahbien (07/11/2006 07:46pm):
I would just start with two bases captured already, and give BM an infantry on one to
counter turn. As it is right now, the extra city helps BM afford an early APC, helping
them out greatly.
sirfuxalot (07/11/2006 09:18pm):
That's awesome. I love maps that are split in the middle like that. It's good that you
made the roads choppy; it prevents rocket abuse. I would have the neutral base close to
the HQs to be already captured, just to speed things up.
Talan_Lysander (07/12/2006 05:53pm):
*comment removed due to lack of common sense*
Last Edited on 03/27/2013 04:51am
A nose (07/12/2006 07:21pm):
Umm.. that FTA counter is pretty usless. (three turns later) WHOO I HAVE 3 CITIES NOW YOU
Algorias (07/14/2006 01:24pm):
A nose (07/12/2006 10:21pm):
Umm.. that FTA counter is pretty usless. (three turns later) WHOO I HAVE 3 CITIES NOW

Well, actually, that FTA counter gives BM 1000 extra fuds per turn until OS captures the first
city, which makes 2000 extra funds total, enough to buy more expensive units earlier such
as an APC which was already mentioned.

Map looks good, I give it a 7/10 because of too many reefs and the islands being too far
RDS (07/15/2006 03:42pm):
The NS logo is doom, therefore you get a 10/10
gunner1138 (07/18/2006 01:27pm):
Nice job Talan, I like it but it isn't good for Grit lovers like me. 10/10
Giantkrow (07/19/2006 02:42pm):
It's a good thing if Grit isn't broken on a map. >_>

Good map though. I'm not really sure how you could counter FTA well here, but I like the map
peter91 (07/30/2006 12:00pm):
Headphone (03/27/2013 07:35am):
Nice changes

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