AW2, NC, Sturms Glory
Creator: Starstorm || First Published: 07/11/2006 || Players: 4 || Size: 33x38
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Rating: 8.31 in 39 ratings
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Starstorm (07/11/2006 01:12pm):
Sturms returned.

Yes, i know there is already a map of this, but Sturm gets the four Com Towers to boost
his attack to what his AW2 version's attack was. 120
on this map, Sturm (as played by Black Hole) has 120/120 units, all other AW2 Sturm rules
apply...also...don't be a jackass and activate your power if your Sturm, he doesn't have a
power in Aw2, so don't use it....
your_mom1337 (07/11/2006 02:22pm):
Those piperunners next to the pipes can move on the pipes.
Starstorm (07/11/2006 03:16pm | Edited: 07/11/2006 03:23pm):
done, i put in two sea tiles.
it makes the map a tad ugly, but now they can't move, and when they are destroyed, tada,
we have destroyed Black Hole tech mimage of busted pipeseams.
Riukken (07/17/2006 06:23am):
Good job, you made Final Front modernized. 9/10
Shadow Star (07/27/2006 05:47pm):
Amarriner adds in Black Cannons, and minicannons and then there will be only the laser
missing....too bad it won't work.
Piperunners are stronger then Minicannons, but take more damage....Black Cannons don't
look too good, they can't hurt Bombers...although i've seen your hard mode...a carrier
battleship and APC do not a Black cannon make.
Mr. Cannon (10/23/2006 05:38pm):
Nicly done. 10/10
Sylux (11/22/2006 03:21pm):
Horribly unbalanced. Especially if BH plays as Sturm.
mapchanger111 (06/10/2007 07:19am):
have you ever played AW2 sylux? or read the above comments? you had to beat this in
AW2 to complete it...its not design!
Pedro The Lion (07/02/2007 11:53pm):
lol sylux... fool...
SpanishWarrior (07/04/2007 03:33pm):
I NEVER will do maps like you! GOOD JOB. 10/10!!!!
disaresta8 (07/25/2007 01:45am):
Ha, fear the DEATHRAY! 10/10
bance wars (08/21/2007 02:30pm):

Genius (10/22/2007 04:42pm):
looks really hard, as it was.
Starstorm (10/28/2007 12:40pm):
BH is missing two cities, I need to add those.

And those of you talking about how hard it is, quit complaining, there aren't Black
cannons, Minicannons, or the Death ray, this isn't as hard as if it were the real thing.
(although the Human to CPU might reverse that to it's harder then, but aesthetically
speaking purely on the map.)
DuelStriker (02/21/2008 10:02am | Edited: 04/05/2008 05:00pm):
I see a flaw here, those piperunners in groups of 3 are on broken seam spaces, making it
incredibly easy for BH to go up and launch all those silos, rather than having to go around
the pipes like in the game.

Edit: Ah, I see it was fixed.
sellout2154 (04/24/2008 12:49pm):
I love the battleship turrets and improvization, 10/10
nirial1991 (06/08/2008 11:12pm):
God, i love you man, you've done it. 10/10
SmileKZS (08/15/2008 05:50am):
Blackcannon... HAHAHA!
mathblitz (08/15/2008 09:02am):
ah i get it wow thats gonna be hard.........
59348571347874890789712840978789027093821514057478091748959879801738409/10 if i could give
you that.........
Meta Rexy (10/01/2008 07:20pm):
I want a deathray... :( :P
funkytown (10/28/2010 06:05pm):
Black boat + battle ship in a pipe = ?
the_burning_door (07/16/2012 02:20pm):
This brings back fond(?) memories...
Starstorm (07/31/2012 02:25pm):
Thought I'd make another edit of this map.
ptaward (01/21/2014 05:06pm):
I don't understand, why can't Sturm use his COP or SCOP? I can't remember a reason why
he didn't have that power in AW2.
systericon (02/25/2014 10:28am):

BH much to strong
income advantage + predeployed bastion + 4comTower (VS 0comTower)
and on top of that just 10 silos
>> nerv BH badly
>> unplayable right now
>>my statement
Darth Hawke (01/06/2015 02:09am):
The comment above me makes me wish people played Advance Wars 2 more often... or at least read people's
comments from 8 years ago.
liandry (06/18/2016 01:13pm):
Wow, this reminds me of the good old days when I let OS take all the laser and meteor fire...
BH should resign immediately when the seam by the HQ is destroyed to actually mimic the Final Front experience.
10/10, 5/7 map
the-deadly-shadow (08/03/2016 09:47am):
Not only should BH lose if the pipeseam is broken, the BH commander also should play like
a noob to make it as easy as in the final AW2 mission. In reality no-one plays as bad as
the AI, that allows you to use bombers to 1 hit KO the deathray.

Nyvelion (10/13/2016 03:01pm):
Well, some people play as bad the AI.
Either that or it just feels that way when you're on the top.

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