The world's first 14 player world map
Creator: zxp || First Published: 10/25/2006 || Players: 14 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 5.22 in 79 ratings
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Calvacadeofcats (10/26/2006 07:57pm):
But it doesn't wrap!
ZLoM (10/26/2006 08:50pm):
Other then eurasia looking distored(and the closeness of players in the east asian and
oceanic areas) it looks like a pretty good map. I'm thinking that becouse of the high player to
city ratio, its suggested to have city funds raised slightly?
jhuni (10/26/2006 10:04pm | Edited: 10/27/2006 11:58am):
India, Madagascar, the Bay of Bengal, the Caspian sea, the United Kingdom, Spain, the
Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, New zealend, North Korea and South Korea, Puerto Rico, Sri
lanka,Baja-California, Hudson Bay, and 95% of the pacific ocean along with Hawaii are
nonexistent in this map. Antartica is overly colonized and way to small. Europes blocky, and
ultimately represented in the form of a square which is similar to Asia, South America is
poorly shaped and looks nothing like its orginal self, and the same with Africa.

All of the continets are greatly mis-shaped, and don't look anything like they should except
North America is decent, so as ZLoM this map is far from correct in terms of geography.

Ab is centralized and will be attacked by several players both players on Antartica aren't
going to make any real difference to the game, and theres overall several balance issues.
oomouwmouw (10/26/2006 10:20pm):
Ouch... Pink is screwed -- flanked by YC by day 4 while fighting with AB for properties.

I hopethe Island countries don't plan on going anywhere any time soon; the mainland is too
crowded for a black bat landing to succeed
V38 (10/27/2006 03:55am):
Ever seen a map of europe?
dboy (10/27/2006 07:17am):
The main problem with this map is that there are hardly any neutrals! What are we fighting
sirfuxalot (10/27/2006 10:36am):
I wish it was good...
qq (10/27/2006 10:37am):
your map stinks so do you.
oVer (10/27/2006 10:53am):
dboy say:
"The main problem with this map is that there are hardly any neutrals! What are we fighting
for? "

No iths a problem its only other concept.

I think that the main problem is that the airports are very badly located to fight by
them, for example Africa does not have no possible one to obtain some but South America
and Antarctica have safe airports.
A very good detail of this map is the waterway's
qq (10/27/2006 12:52pm):
you stink.
Pyrranha (11/06/2006 12:44pm):
I would like to see a good 14p world map someday... but this ISN'T IT.
gunner1138 (11/07/2006 02:33pm):
GS = THREE factories (maybe FOUR!!!!)
jamro1149 (11/13/2006 01:05pm):
Originality: 2/4 well it may be the first....but its not original, ive seen a million
world maps
Winability: 1/2 depends who you are, my moneys on the black one, but dark blue has no HQ!!!
Fun Factor: 2/3 Average...ish
Popularity with the masses: 0/1 Not many good reviews....
Raw Score: 5/10
Bonus marks/Comments: -2 YOU MISSED ENGLAND!!!!!
Total Score: 3/10
benbever (11/28/2006 09:42pm):
I thought 8 player games took long..
This map looks nice, and some continents resemble the original. How-ever, europe is
covered under a large slab of dirt. Why?
Dragonice315 (11/29/2006 11:20am):
I join!!! when do we start?
jhuni (07/08/2007 01:29am):
Oh I forgot to mention this map doesn't have saudi arabia or the red sea.
yoshogi (07/16/2007 04:16pm):
not that great!
isuck (09/14/2007 10:05pm):
lacks waaaay too much
DuelStriker (09/15/2007 07:28am):
Ya srsly.

PL is in the worst position and TG loses from the start. RF has an advantage in Asia, and GE
is dead in south America.
PrinceStone (03/25/2008 09:43pm):
in my opinion, it was a good attempt. The only fair part about the map that I could see was
antarctica... and I don't know of any civilizations down there! There are so many holes and
disadvantages to particular players in this map that it's hard to grade at all... but I would give
it a 4/10. Keep trying! ;D
zywxn (04/10/2008 07:38am):
Well, most of the comments are correct. Your continents are misshaped and lack a lot of
places, maybe you should create a bigger or smaller height map. Also, their might be some
geographical concerns: For example: Surely there aren't too many roads in Siberia, or people
except for the occasional city on antartica. Or maybe Europe and America should be a bit
more densely populated and Kamchatka should be separeated from Alaska a bit more (even
though u cant get thru the looks should stil be good) As well as that, there is some game
concerns as well, such as how can the central american airport be captured unless a t
copter transports a infantry or mech but then wher do you even get the t copter? u should
have had a river instead of sea.
Other than that, it was a very good attempt and next time i suggest a more scaled version
and much more geographically related.
Zinco (06/27/2008 11:57am):
Why OS isn't in US?
Mexico is very small
Brazil hasn't army
UK doesnt exist...
battalion24 (10/23/2008 07:22pm):
yeah people check out my new map that is 6 player just like this without africa and austrailia
making the map alot more realistic in my opinion too go check it out under Armageddon :D
please comment.
Creepy Crawly (11/20/2008 12:19pm):
I think that most of the people whining about this country, that continent (hell Puerto Rico [my
homecountry] is missing). It's stupid, i'd rather have a playable world map rather than a
realistic unplayable one. If you want a realistic one then only about 2 or 3 countries should
always win no matter what.
Myst9 (11/24/2008 11:30pm):
I keep thinking with a Risk mind-set; North America is connected to Asia, etc.
Meta Rexy (12/02/2008 08:01pm):
I liked that other "The World" map better... :P
This ain't too bad. But BH and CI won't do crap... penguins were never capable anyway...
you need more properties for the countries to grab. currently there's nothing really.
funwes (12/06/2008 12:37pm):
Guys, the maker hasn't been on for nearly 2 years. He/she is not going to fix anything you say
Stalker Pizza (12/09/2008 10:27pm):
Where the eff is Madagascar?!
shinron30 (12/19/2008 08:57am):
Guerrero_aguila (12/20/2008 12:35pm | Edited: 12/20/2008 12:37pm):
That's Europe? U... 1/10

I think You must look a TRUE world map... Then, you must look your map x_x
Ultra Super Duper Noob (01/24/2009 04:10pm):
RF can easily get the 2 neutral bases closest with the most moveable room... africa
countries screwed, BM and GE no chance, and PC may fight off 5 countries, so all in all, a
very experienced RF can win this game outright...
also, somewhat goo job on fitting the world into a 40x40, but Europe and Indian Ocean...
Falconewing (07/23/2009 09:02am):
Not accurate. Needs rivers, roads, alls(pipes), forests. ANd Eurasia is distorted, you kidna
cut off most of asia AND europe. You forgot the Antarctic Peninsula, oh forget it.
cARDSTER (07/24/2009 11:50am):
C'mon peeps. Is there any bigger task than re-creating the World? It's a great map.
excrimophalus (07/24/2009 02:06pm):
how is yellow comment supposed to get anywhere?
RyanDCX (09/29/2009 04:38pm):
i agree with cARDSTER !!!!
Tyrantboy (12/01/2009 01:47pm):

where;s the Indian Peninsula or uk?

lacks so many details

sverre7 (12/30/2010 11:19am):
lol im japan
Nyvelion (08/20/2014 01:17pm):
You are Japan? Then I am literally Canada.
Magic Elves (10/12/2014 08:45pm):
Don't worry Nyvelion, one day those mean Americans will stop making healthcare jokes about
Nyvelion (10/31/2016 12:43pm):
I doubt Canada is offended by that, they get the last laugh by having much better healthcare.
CCCP (11/26/2016 05:49pm):
Nyvelion is right.
But I'm Germany, and the Reich will rise again. THE FOURTH REICH WILL RISE
SontoFM (01/21/2018 08:40am):
good effort, did you make this with an actual word map next to it?

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