Puddle Death
Creator: SmackCakes || First Published: 07/18/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x21
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 7.51 in 45 ratings
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quackquackgoestheduck (07/18/2006 04:47pm):
when i see this i think little john can't swim!!!
SimaMatt (08/05/2006 08:30pm):
The carrier is a horrible idea. Remove it now.
SmackCakes (08/05/2006 08:32pm):
lol you love it
gaspoire (10/15/2006 12:16am):

Where no one knows (06/08/2007 06:10pm):
I feel the map is balanced, and that it will play fairly now, it is a very good idea, but I jsut can't
seem to give it a 10, but it gets a 9 from me.
ace of roses (10/07/2007 05:34am):
i love it, and god dont get rid of that carrier, saved me once, and could save my opponent
now, lmao
i give 10's when there due, nice work :D
lindsay40k (10/31/2007 10:50pm):
Needs a few more roads to give Koal a bit more of a chance and let Recons achieve something.
FreshBread (03/18/2008 04:24pm):
jake and max would kill here/10
i like the carrier because it discourages chopper spam...but then i dont like it because I
chopper spam oh yeah lindsay40k, why change the map just cause you love a specific
Meta Rexy (07/14/2008 09:52pm):
but yea.. we should have roads. Give the Rockets and recons a chance.
a432 (07/18/2008 04:16am):
This map favors strum. With any other CO recon and Rockets are pointless. Soild map none
the less.
blanci1 (10/15/2008 04:02pm):
Excellent, realistic feel, with clumps of death=those forests in Fog ... and i like the bare-ish
spaces ... makes a change and with fewish roads will make for slightly different gameplay
than the norm.... and property clumped too.... . I dont see how the carrier discourages B-
copters?? wouldnt the b-copters be needed at battlefront ? ... if front was within carrier
range wouldnt the battle be already over... anyway seems fine to me.
blanci1 (11/20/2008 09:45am | Edited: 07/14/2009 03:52pm):
playing this map it quickly becomes clear the comms are both right on the battle-front making
things a bit racey and unstable (IN FOG) though the rotational symmetry surely keeps it fair ?
WITHOUT fog i think theres no worry of sneakyness and then being stretched helps prevent
draws by standoff, as its harder to buld up tortoises quickly.
Falconewing (05/09/2009 11:53am):
Cool. A worse version of piddle death. a random number would be nice. 4

Falconewing (05/09/2009 11:53am):
Cuz I liked piddle death better...
lindsay40k (05/12/2009 12:45am):
I'm not fussed about playing favourites with the COs, just pointing out that if you get Koal on a random CO pick
you're drawing something of a short straw on this map. Likewise if your opponent draws Olaf or Drake, they can
really nerf your movement on the flank where your line is most extended.
bisctboy (06/16/2009 06:06am):
I have to agree with you lindsay40k. I personally only pick random CO's, makes it more fun
and interesting that way, rather than always picking the CO I work best with, I have to be
able to adapt to whatever CO I get. Thus being stated, Getting a CO like Koal or Grit is
somewhat of a disadvantage here, as the lack of roads hurts Koal in power and Grit in being
able to get his troops out there. At the same time, if an enemy picks any direct combat
specialist or movement reducing CO like Drake or Olaf, you are really in big trouble with
indirect, as they wont go anywhere. Still a great map, love the carrier and the
forests/mountains as well as the rotational system. Throw just 5-10 more road piece in
there and I give it a 10 easy. (And I dont play as Koal, just like viewing it from all
perspectives, and in this case, lindsay40k is right)
Ian301095 (07/22/2009 11:22pm):
lol bisctboy, grit is great in this map(actually most of all good maps) since hes broken
koal is ok, but adder would be better
drake is bad in this map, since there are air units
and it's perfect this map, roads arent neccesary
but i dont get why everybody thinks the carrier is an "idea" lol
pen (12/13/2012 12:41am):
Connect the bridges >.

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